End of an Era: West Brookfield Closing

West Brookfield Closing

Sadly, we’ve reached the end of an era. Elite-West Brookfield will be closing at the end of September. As we look back, feel free to share your favorite memories of Elite-West Brookfield (formerly known as the Brook Club) in the comments below!

A Unique Club

West Brookfield’s facility had some unique features our other Elite clubs did not. For example, you could only play platform tennis there. We are planning on keeping the platform tennis courts, but it has yet to be determined where they will be moved.

West Brookfield also had our most unique basketball court. We had the floor redone and a special Milwaukee mural painted on the wall.

Another element that made West Brookfield unique was our staff. Many of them would frequently use the tagline “West is Best” during friendly inter-club competitions such as Elite’s TWLC program in January.

Transition to Brookfield

While it is unfortunate that we are losing one of our convenient locations, one that was just off I-94, we are pleased to announce all members and staff will be transferred to our Brookfield location on Burleigh. All staff members from West Brookfield will also be transferred, so if you have a favorite tennis pro, trainer, or group exercise instructor, you’ll still be able to interact with them at Elite-Brookfield.

We look forward to seeing our West Brookfield members at Brookfield-Burleigh next month! Share with us your favorite memories of West Brookfield in the comments below.

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  • Maggie says:

    My husband and I met on court three during a tennis mixer/social. So of course it is a special place to us.

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