Elite’s Playroom Offers Variety for Kids


Elite Sports Clubs strives to give you the best environment for your fitness and health goals. We offer activities for all ages, and the experience that children have at our clubs is just as important as our adult members. Read about our gym childcare and playroom offerings here.

Fun, Friends & Fitness in the Elite Sports Clubs Playroom

Our playroom is open to children ages 6 weeks and older. We have separate areas for infants and toddlers to keep your children safe. As a parent, worrying about your child is always going to be your job. Our job is to prioritize their enjoyment of the club and keep their safety of utmost importance. You want them to have fun at the club so that you can enjoy your workout and other activities. When you know your child is in good hands, it is much easier to be able to focus on yourself.

Children have a variety of programs and activities to choose from in our playrooms. We offer an abundance of toys, crafts, games, and books to entertain the kids. We also have an area, which includes a kitchenette, when it is time for a healthy snack. On top of our regular offerings, we have scheduled activities for children to participate in, such as music, storytime, tennis, and tumbling. We also offer yoga, boot camp, large motor time, and show & tell.

How Elite Fosters Nurturing Childcare

Creating a healthy environment that welcomes all kids in a way that also promotes being active is important to us. We take pride in making the children feel special and noticed. We want the children to learn how to take care of themselves and build their own healthy habits. From a young age, we try to help kids associate Elite with something positive, instead of having the opposite take on “going to the gym” as negative or “too much work.” By nurturing an active lifestyle from a young age, children will be more motivated to stick to that routine as they get older.

Elite Members Weigh in on our Gym Childcare

One of our members, Nicole Giese, raves about the gym childcare services at Elite. She states, “The childcare is top-notch and immediately put me at ease trusting my little ones in their care so I could begin the journey of prioritizing my self-care again.” She goes on to express how her children are always excited to go to Elite because they have so much fun with the childcare staff. It acts as an extra motivator, coming from her kids, to encourage her to get her workout in for the day. The trust Nicole has in the staff and youth programs allows her to focus on herself more throughout her workout, rather than worrying about her children.

Gym Childcare in Wisconsin

The gym childcare services at Elite offer so many different options for kids in hopes of making life easier for the whole family. Kids often do not want to leave their parents, but we strive to make the playroom a place where children want to go because they enjoy themselves.

At Elite, we want to foster an environment where the whole family can be happy and healthy together. Our experts offer gym childcare playrooms and services at all 5 of our locations. This includes our Brookfield gym, our Mequon gym, our River Glen gym in Milwaukee, our West Brookfield gym, and our North Shore gym in Glendale. View our childcare page to learn about the policies, safety, and guides we have in place to support a healthy and happy gym childcare system. Contact the fitness experts at Elite with any additional questions you may have! We look forward to welcoming your child to our Elite playroom!

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This article appeared in the 2019/20 Winter Edition of Elite Life Magazine

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