Elite’s Back-to-School Tips

Elite's Back-to-School Tips

Getting into the swing of being back to school is a hectic time for the whole family! In between coordinating calendars, back-to-school nights, and adjusting to fall sports schedules, finding personal time for self-care can be challenging. With these tips and resources that Elite Sports Clubs has to offer, getting the family back to school will be as smooth as ever.

Get back to school as a family.

You don’t have to take on the crazy time of getting back to school by yourself. It is important to integrate the whole family into the back-to-school transition and it starts with solid preparation. In order to get kids excited and learn important life lessons like budgeting and creating shopping lists, include children in back-to-school planning, and preparations.

Back to School Transition

Plan and know your schedule, get into a routine, and have a shared family calendar.

Plan out a calendar as far in advance as possible and update it frequently. Although it is important to have a daily and weekly routine, it also helps to expect the unexpected. In addition to a personal routine, establish a routine with expectations for kids. For example, make a list of things they need to do before leaving for school such as make their beds, brush their teeth, pack their gym clothes, and remember to take their lunches. If the whole family knows what is expected of them, the process will run smoothly.

Make lunches ahead of time.

It is easy to get off to a healthy start the first week, but consistency is what matters. Grocery shop as a family and include the kids in planning lunch and dinner menus. Plan ahead in order to stretch your food dollars and include variety to keep it interesting and healthy. Here is a list of healthy school lunch ideas from our own Registered Dietitian!

Plan out activities such as sports and extracurriculars before the business of school starts.

In terms of the kids, exercise and activities should be made a priority. Get them excited about what they are participating in by letting them pick it themselves. Personal exercise is just as important. Schedule activity time to exercise with the entire family. Elite offers a wide variety of free fitness classes and personal training resources, which accommodates family members who may have different preferences for their exercise and extracurricular activities.

Establish a “family time” for when things get busier before the year flies by.

Once the master calendar takes shape, prioritize family time and carve out at least a few hours a week to relax and unwind together. Enjoy time at the pool, head to the basketball courts for a family pick-up game, check out The Quad together, or enjoy Elite’s family-friendly events.

Prioritize Family Time

Elite Sports Clubs has a number of resources to help the whole family get on track and stay organized while getting back into the swing of things!

This article appeared in the 2019 Fall Edition of Elite Life Magazine

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