Elite is More Than Just a Gym

When you join Elite, you join a community

For most, going to the gym is perceived as pumping iron or running on the treadmill. Although that can be fine for some people, that is not your only option at Elite Sports Clubs. Elite is more than just a gym because of its sense of community. Therefore, here are a few ways you can use Elite as a member beyond just a workout.


There are actually a number of groups that do organized luncheons at several of the Elite locations! At all locations, tables are located in the lounge or tennis lobby areas, which can be used by members. The lounge areas are meant for socializing and bringing people together. So, put together food for lunch, a list of guests, and a time to host your luncheon!

Business Meeting

If you have a lack of work/office space, there are conference rooms at some of the Elite locations. These locations include Brookfield, River Glen, Mequon, and West Brookfield. These are closed off rooms allowing you to have privacy during your meetings. Then after your meeting, you can work out with your coworkers!

Working on Homework

If you want a different atmosphere that isn’t a typical library or local coffee shop, go to Elite instead! We provide free wifi and coffee to keep you energized and focused. So, there is no need to sit at a coffee shop for hours!

Playing Cards

Elite is a great place to play cards or board games with friends! There are actually several groups who regularly play games like Sheepshead and MahJong! Some exercise beforehand or afterward, but some come in just to play a few card games. Why not have a game night at the nearest Elite Sports Clubs location?!

Hosting a Party

The Quad at River Glen is a large area with basketball, soccer, and volleyball courts. Also inside The Quad, there is a mini-bowling alley and an arcade! Host a party in The Quad or have a family game night! In addition to that, we have other spaces at all Elite locations for smaller parties.

Elite is more than just a gym because we are a full-service facility!

At Elite, we are about friends, family, fitness, and fun. As a member, you can utilize Elite for almost anything. We are proud to offer more than just fitness and recreational options for our members, which is why Elite is more than just a gym.

Not a member yet? Come see what Elite has to offer! 

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