Elite Flex Tennis League Rules

Elite Flex Tennis League Rules

It’s that time of year again! Tennis leagues will be starting up soon here at Elite Sports Clubs, so we wanted to take this opportunity to review some guidelines to help you better navigate this new “Flex” league format.

Flex leagues give players, unable to commit to playing weekly, the chance to fit matches into their ever-changing schedule. It’s also great for players who do want to play weekly or regularly but don’t have the time or know players to schedule matches on their own. You can sign up weekly or for the whole session, your choice.

The cooperation of all members is needed to maintain a courteous and pleasant tennis atmosphere for the enjoyment of all.

Flex League Sign-up & Substitutions

  • Members of all 5 Elite clubs can participate in Flex League regardless of membership type
  • Players must sign up for leagues that correspond to their USTA level. If you do not know your USTA level, a “rating” can be arranged with a tennis pro [$5].
  • Players can sign up week-by-week or for the full session and is done on first come, first served basis, with limited space. All players that register after all spots are filled are put on the “waitlist” and move up into spots if they become available.
  • Sign-up for matches is done in “Signup Genius” through a link provided to all players
  • Matches are “locked” 48 hours prior to play with roster set and players committed to playing. In the case of an unforeseen scheduling conflict, contact the league coordinator to provide the name of your sub. If you’re having trouble finding a sub, the league coordinator will do her best to assist. If a sub is still not found, all other players on the court will be contacted and the match canceled.
  • “No-shows” are charged a $20 no-show fee plus the league fee that week. All other players on the court will not be charged.

Flex League Cost

  • $16.00 [+tax] per 90 min. Doubles
  • $23.00 [+tax] per 90 min. Singles
  • Matches are billed to Elite accounts weekly.

Visa Members

Elite Visa members can use their 4 free visits to other clubs for Flex League play [RG, BR, ME] 4 times each calendar year.  Passport members can play in all leagues.

Flex League Courts, Balls, Scoring, & Prizes

  • Balls for the match are picked up at the front desk. A slip of paper will be attached indicating the court assignment and match-up of players. After play, the matchup slip is handed back to the desk with the winning player[s] circled.
  • Scoring is 2 out of 3 sets, regular scoring with 7-point tiebreak at 6 games all.
  • Continue playing until 90 min. time frame is up.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the player with the winningest record in each league at the end of the session

If you have any questions or are interested in joining a league, contact our league coordinator.

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  • Danny Ho says:

    What times are the games played. If I am a member of Highlander will my games always be at highlander? How accurate are the ratings? in the past tournaments I sometimes end up players that rate themselves down one level. Dan

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