Member Stories: Cana Comer – Life in the Fast Lane


When we say everyone trains for a variety of reasons, we really mean it. A perfect example is highlighted by Elite member Cana Comer, who trains to enhance her ability to race cars! Learn about her hobby of automobile racing and how physical fitness enhances drivers’ abilities out on the track.

1. What kind of auto racing do you do?

For just over 10 years I’ve been racing a 1959 Austin Healey Sprite, commonly referred to as a “Bugeye” Sprite or a ”Frogeye” Sprite if you’re in the UK. It’s a lightweight 4-cylinder British sports car and they have been a staple of amateur racing for over 60 years. Typically, I’ll do about 3 vintage races a year at tracks throughout the Midwest including Road America, Blackhawk Farms, and GingerMan. Growing up in Elkhart Lake, near Road America, I’ve always liked cars, but my husband, who also races, decided I needed to get behind the wheel and built me a race car. I’ve been hooked ever since.


2. What role does fitness have in auto racing?

Many people don’t think about auto racing as a sport or drivers being athletes. But there’s a definite cardiovascular component along with a critical need for physical and mental endurance. In wheel-to-wheel racing, there are often more than fifty closely matched cars on the track at the same time, all fighting for the win. Sprint races are typically around twenty minutes in length, while the Enduro races can be an hour or more. Not only are your driving skills and racecraft tested, you also have to be in tune with your car and constantly monitor its health to prevent any issues.

This is why staying in shape by working out at Elite and joining classes like Tuesday morning Spin with Christine and Yoga with Brie not only helps with my overall physical fitness, but also helps me build my focus and concentration as well. Not to mention, in racing there are strict car preparation rules that include a minimum weight for the car, but not for the driver, so for a low horsepower car like mine, staying physically fit is an easy way to gain speed, and an advantage over my competitors!


3. How does having a social support group help you with your goals?

I’m fortunate to have a great group of friends and we like to workout together at Elite. Meeting at the gym is an easy way to be supportive and encourage each other to achieve not only our individual fitness goals, but personal goals outside of the gym as well. We hold each other accountable and sweating together makes the hard work seem less like work. This same group of friends also came to watch me race this summer to witness firsthand the results of my training. It’s great to share something my family and I enjoy with them and for their families to experience an event they might not otherwise consider attending. Not to mention it’s just more fun having friends around to cheer for you!


Share your own story! Whether it be of weight loss, conquering that first race, improving your tennis rating, accomplishing a goal, or some other unique aspect of your life that makes you ELITE!

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  • Paul H Comer says:

    Applaud you and Colin for your racing and business. My first car in Highschool was a 58 bug eye. I can’t race ,,, 74 ,,,, but have a FF5 mark ll Cobra and love to drive it in the mountains by our Virginia lake house. We live in Ohio most of the time. Big Cobra show next month in Loudon Ohio. Best of luck in your racing.