Becoming a Lifeguard

Becoming a Lifeguard

Is your teen looking for a rewarding job? Why not become a lifeguard? Lifeguards need to be good problem-solvers, clear communicators, and calm in stressful situations – all skills needed in their future careers. They will also learn teamwork, time management, customer service skills, and how to work with a variety of personalities.

How to Become a Lifeguard

To become a lifeguard, participants must complete a certification course from a national accrediting agency. Courses are generally 20-30 hours in length, and may include an online pre-class portion. Besides water rescue skills, certifications will also include CPR, AED, and first-aid training. Participants will learn how quick response times and effective preparation are vital to aiding in an emergency, as well as understanding crucial elements to help prevent drownings and injuries. Prior to the course, students should be able to swim at least three hundred yards of either breaststroke, freestyle, or a combination of the two; swim twenty yards, dive down seven feet to get a ten pound weight, and swim back to the start in less than one minute, forty seconds; and be able to tread water for at least two minutes using the legs only.

If your teen is a responsible people-person looking for a fun job where they can learn valuable life skills, consider lifeguarding. Elite has regular lifeguard certification throughout the year. We are always accepting applications for our year-round positions, and start looking for summer lifeguards already in January.

If you would like more information on our classes, or to register, please contact Jessica Heller at [email protected]. Sign up early – our classes usually fill fast! You can also apply to become a lifeguard at

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