All Levels Swim Workout

All Levels Swim Workout We’ve talked a lot in past posts about how getting into the water for some of your workouts (whether you consider yourself a “swimmer” or not) can have many benefits. But once you’re in the pool, what should you do? So, today I’d like to share water workouts for three different experience levels that you can try in the pool for your next swim workout.


Tools: Kickboard

Warm Up (repeat twice)
  • 20 Small arm circles
  • 50 Kick with board
  • 50 Easy Swim (any stroke)
Workout (repeat twice)
  • 25 Kick w/board
  • 50 Swim
  • 25 Kick with board
Cool Down
  • 100 Easy Swim (any stroke)


Tools: Kickboard & pull buoy

Warm Up
  • 100 Kick with board
  • 50 Freestyle pull only
  • 150 Swim (freestyle)
  • 2×100 Free 45s rest – descending*
  • 4×50 Free 30s rest – descending*
  • 8×25 Free 15s rest- descending*
Cool Down
  • 100 Easy Swim (any stroke)


Tools: Kickboard & pull buoy

Warm Up
  • 200 Swim
  • 100 Freestyle pull only
  • 100 Kick w/board
  • 6 x 50 Free 30s rest – build*
  • 3 x 100 Free 45s rest – descending*
  • 4 x 225 Free 60s rest – speedplay*
Cool Down
  • 100 Easy Swim (any stroke)
*Descending = Each 100, 50, or 25 is to be swam faster than the last one.

*Build = Every stroke you take is faster and stronger than the last one. Starting at normal pace and building to a sprint in the end.

*SpeedPlay = In this instance means to swim every third length as a sprint. For example: 25 Swim, 25 Swim, 25 Sprint.
Joe Janzen Personal Trainer and Swim Coach at Elite Sports Club-Mequon Written by Joe Janzen Elite Sports Club – Mequon Swim Coach & Personal Trainer

Joe has a B.S. in Exercise Science & Psychology from Carroll University (2008) and is certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association as well as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He is a Member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, High School Swim Coach, was a Middle School Teacher in South Korea, has a Brown Belt in Korean Special Forces Martial Arts, was a Rehabilitation Technician for physical therapy team and a NCAA swimmer. Joe spends his free time in or around the water, cycling, cooking, and playing recreational sports. He also enjoys exploring the great outdoors with his wife Lauren, and their fur child, Jordy. Joe’s philosophy is that “Through hard work, and progressing effective techniques you will set bigger goals, reach them faster, and have fun doing so.”

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