7 Things We Hate About Working Out at Home


Thanks to our incredible training staff and group exercise instructors, we’ve had the ability to work out at home during these unprecedented times. However, we still miss being at the clubs dearly. There’s nothing quite like using the fitness center equipment or participating in your favorite exercise class. Given that home exercise can be somewhat monotonous, here are 7 things you might dislike about working out at home.

1. Motivation

Everyone finds motivation in different ways. Some find it internally and can “turn on” a mental switch. Others need external inspiration, including, but not limited to, inspirational quotes, encouragement from a friend or trainer, photographs of themselves or others, music, etc.

The gym is a great motivator. Without the instructors barking at you, the other gym-goers keeping you accountable and the fancy protein shake afterwards as a reward, you might have found yourself regress into a total couch potato.

2. Accountability

Unless you have children or a significant other that exercise with you, holding yourself accountable at home can be a challenge. Sometimes the will to exercise just isn’t there. Having someone else to hold you accountable will prevent you from falling off the fitness wagon.

If you’ve had the privilege of working with one of our fine personal trainers, you’ll know what a great resource they are – not just for their knowledge of physical training, but for being the personification of accountability. That’s why we try to find a trainer that matches your personality, as each of them have their own unique strengths and methods.

3. Workout Friends

You definitely lose the social component when working out at home versus going to the club. We’re not suggesting avoid talking to your family, but you don’t normally get to see your friends every day. They’re there to hold you accountable, push you to workout harder, and support you.

The social aspect is part of what many of us look forward to when coming to Elite. We have an amazing community of staff and members and we look forward to interacting again soon.

4. Routine

Before the pandemic occurred, it’s easy to assume most folks had an established daily routine. Wake up, work out, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, repeat (or at least some variation of that). Staying home all the time threw a wrench in the consistency that some people highly value. If you’ve established a new routine that works for you, more power to you – ESPECIALLY if you include regular exercise. Some people are more flexible while others who are set in their ways might find this new, albeit temporary, lifestyle more difficult.

5. Substitute Equipment

Dumbbells and resistance equipment can be purchased from most sporting goods stores. However, they can be very costly. You might find yourself using stuff just lying around your house as substitutes. The problem with that is, it’s simply not as effective or convenient as working out in the fitness center where the world is your oyster. You can virtually do any kind of exercise you wish given the multitude of exercise equipment available.

6. Lack of Separate Location

Home is where the heart is, but most people need a separate space in order to exercise. It takes a certain mindset to go exercise, and by physically moving to a separate location will actually motivate and encourage you to work hard. It’s all too easy to skip a home workout because the couch is right there. The snack pantry is a few steps away. Also, there’s always that pesky living room furniture that gets in the way or the danger of knocking over a lamp.

Much like working at an office, going to the gym gets rid of the distractions and lets you focus on the task at hand.

7. Can’t Show Off Your Athletic Apparel

This one’s for all you fashionistas out there. Athletic apparel, or “athleisure” as some call it, is a new subsection of fashion culture. Especially with all the bright colors and cool styles of fashionable athletic wear available, part of the fun of going to the gym is to flaunt your outfit.

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  • Those Who Squirm! says:

    You left out cats who insist on being in the same room with you while you exercise, milling around in front of you and in back of you while you do kettlebell raises.

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