10 Workouts To Do With Your Dog

10 Workouts To Do With Your Dog

Why workout alone when you can workout with your dog?

Dogs make great workout buddies. They keep a positive attitude, they help you have fun, and you get cuddles at the end! What’s not to love about that? But if you’re looking for a few new ways to get active with your pup, check out our pup and people friendly workouts below.

1. Go For A Trail Run

Running on a trail is better for both people and dogs. It makes people train harder while running on an uneven terrain and it’s easier on your dog’s sensitive paws. This is also a great way to get some fresh air and take in some beautiful scenery.

2. Doggy Yoga

Yes, doggy yoga is definitely a thing, it’s actually called Doga and it’s just as good for your dog as it is for you. Check out the video below for a guide on getting your namaste on with your pup.

3.  Tennis

Playing tennis with your dog is totally possible. Need to work on your serve? Incorporate that into a game of fetch! This is a good workout and good skill practice for you, and adds a little fun to the typical game of fetch. Everyone wins!

4. Cardio Circuit

If you’re looking to spice up your usual morning walk with your dog, run for 30 seconds then do a strengthening exercise. For instance, run for 30 seconds then do squats. Every time you go down give your furry friend a scratch or a rub, that way they can be brought in on the strength training too.

5. Shake and Lunge

This one really only works if your dog is trained to shake hands, if not substitute the shake with a rub. Like the squats mentioned above, do a backwards stepping lunge and when you go down, ask for your pup to shake. Super easy. Super fun.


6. Puppy Push-Ups

Don’t try this at home if you have a large dog, or a bad back. But for a fun and challenging spin on push-ups, place your pup on your back and do 10 reps. It’s a way to get a workout and get some cuddles!

7. The Doggy Wall Sit

This exercise has 2 versions: small dog and big dog.

For a small dog, position your back against the wall and lower yourself so your knees are at a 90 degree angle from the floor and above your heels. Then hold your small dog for a little added weight.

For a large dog, position yourself the same, but have your dog sit across from you and place their paws on your legs for a little extra bonus weight.

8. Go for a Swim

Maybe not in the Elite pool, but if you have a pond or a lake near your house break out the bathing suit! Swimming is great for a dog’s joints and is easier on their paws than running. Swimming is also just as great for people too!

9.  Ultimate Frisbee

Get the whole family involved with this fun workout! Grab the kids, the significant other, and the dog and head out for a fun game of ultimate Frisbee. This not only is a fabulous cardio workout, it challenges your hand-eye coordination and strategic skills.

I hope your dog is better at Frisbee than this one...

We hope your dog is better at Frisbee than this one…

10.  Build an Obstacle Course

This is another game the whole family can get involved in. Scatter things in your yard to run around, get a hula hoop to jump through. There are all kinds of things you can do for an obstacle course!

So don’t limit yourself to just going on a casual walk (while that is still amazing exercise!) try out some of these fun workouts too! Get the whole family involved for a fun day of fitness with your furry family member.