Your Superhero Workout

Your Superhero Workout

From resistance training and weight-lifting to sprinting and swimming, there are plenty of exercises you can do, inspired by your favorite superheroes! Here are a few ideas that, when put together, equal a great superhero workout.

Wonder Woman | Rope Exercises


Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth has many uses: It can act as a weapon, a tactic to make her enemies talk, or a tool to assist those in need. While Wonder Woman may not be known for speed, she can often bring what she needs to her just by using the lasso techniques. Incorporating ropes into your workout will make you feel just as powerful!

Suggested Exercises (Do any of the rope activities here for 10-15 minutes):

Superman | Weightlifting


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the most recognizable superhero ever… he even has “super” in his name! While the power of flight can’t be explored during your workout, Superman’s immeasurable strength can inspire you to explore weight-training and building muscle with resistance. Whether on machines or by using free weights, the sky is the limit on obtaining a fitter chest and arms.

Suggested Exercises (20 reps each; alternate as needed):


Cross Body Hammer Curl

dumbbell exercises

Bench Press 

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Dumbbell Scaption

Aquaman | Swimming

Image result for aquaman gif swimming


Although Aquaman doesn’t get the same notoriety as some of his cohorts, his attributes are many. He protects the 70% of the planet covered by ocean and can survive completely underwater unlike just about every other superhero. His swimming prowess is envied by those held back by capes and masks, and his ability communicate with amphibious animals helps him in battle. While splashing around for recreation can be fun, having a strong chest, shoulders, arms, and legs is imperative for those who want to become intermediate or expert swimmers.

Suggested Exercises (10 laps each):

Freestyle Technique 


Breast Stroke 









Back Stroke 

Image result for backstroke gif swimming

The Flash | Running

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The fastest of all superheroes, The Flash bolts with unbelievable quickness in order to save those in trouble and stop evil-doers in an instant. While we all wish we had his sustained speed in running our day-to-day errands, keeping up with The Flash in real-time is impossible. However, short bursts both indoors and outdoors are great in order to improve blood flow or eventually train for longer runs during 5K’s or marathons.

Suggested Exercises (1 minute sprint intervals + 2 minute recovery/walking intervals; 15 minutes total):

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Spider-Man | Swinging & Suspension

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While without the inherent strength and flight talents as Superman, Spider-Man has the uncanny ability to propel himself across an entire city thanks to his trusty webbing. Don’t worry — we don’t expect you to swing from building to building quite yet. But with a mix of gymnastics and resistance training, you can feel a bit like Peter Parker himself!

Suggested TRX Exercises (10-15 reps each):


Image result for trx gif

Kneeling Lat Pull-Down

Suggested Bar Exercises (Complete cycle as needed):

Join Forces!

Do you have any exercise routines inspired by superheroes? Let us hear them in the comment section below.