Your Official Summer Guide to Poolside Fun

Your Official Summer Guide to Poolside Fun

Finally! Summer has come! Summer means festivals, cookouts, fun in the sun and pool time to cool off! This is your official guide to poolside summertime fun at Elite Sports Clubs!

At which locations can I catch some sun and get my feet wet?

Outdoor pool locations are:

Outdoor pool hours for all locations are:

  • Weekdays; 10 am – 7 pm (extended to 8pm at Mequon)
  • Weekends; 10 am – 6 pm

A small stipulation on pool hours of operation, sometimes Mother Nature wakes up on the wrong side of the Earth sending us nasty storms and chilly (below 70 degrees) weather. Our lifeguards track the weather very carefully to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience for our swimmers….and sunbathers! On those days, we close the outdoor pool areas accordingly—we feel it best not to get in her way when she’s crabby. Feel free to give us a call and check!

Will the overall pool schedule change?

Ever so slightly, yes. Check here for full, printable schedules. These are also posted on the doors when entering the Aquatics Center. If you’re wondering about Open Swim times we’ll let you in on a little secret, wherever the lifeguard is, that’s where Open Swim is (indoors or outdoors).

I’m probably going to workup a monster appetite with all that poolside fun…what about food?

Our poolside Grill has those tummy rumbles covered! The Grill opens twice per day, once in the early afternoon and once in the evening—kinda like we planned that around meal times huh? Grill service is, like the pool, subject to the mood of Mother Nature. And, if we’re busy, please be patient! You can also cruise on over to the indoor cafe for ingestible fun fuel! Also, please, please, please – no glass by the pool area!

What about pool extras? Do you provide any?

We like to provide our swimmers with pool noodles, lifejackets, and kick boards; but feel free to bring your own pool toys, just be sure to “play nice.”

Rules, every place has rules. What are your pool rules?

ALWAYS listen to the lifeguards. They are here to keep everyone safe and make sure everyone gets to have fun in whatever way they choose, be that lap swimming or playing with the kids.

What about swimming lessons?

You can sign up for swim lessons, swim club and Scamp – our youth summer camp that INCLUDES a swim lesson each week!


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