Workout Wednesday: Commit to Get Fit!

Commit to Get Fit!

All right people! It’s time to get serious about whatever you are reaching for…what is your most important health goal right this very minute? Think about it, if you had to pick just one–SPECIFIC–thing to strive for RIGHT NOW, what would it be? Would it be to lose 5 pounds, lose 3 inches, fit into those jeans from last year, get your blood pressure down, be able to play touch football with the kids on Thanksgiving, sign up for that race this summer, or something else? Now write just that ONE thing down on a piece of paper (or even as a comment) and start telling everyone you know!

There, now you can’t back out, you are COMMITTED! You’ve set a clear, measurable goal and you have a team of friends & family to hold you accountable. (Learn more about how to choose the right goal & find success.) Your next step? Get to it! Set up a detailed plan to help you reach that goal in a realistic time frame. Not sure what that plan should look like? Try talking to a trainer to get started.

If your goal was to increase your speed and agility in preparation for your upcoming Black Friday shopping spree, you are in luck! Check out the workout below provided by Elite Sports Club-Mequon trainer, Kyle Krogmann. Try to do each exercise for about 1-2 minutes.

Speed & Agility Workout:

Movement Preparation Exercises

  • Hip Crossover Stretch
  • Inverted Hamstring Stretch
  • Hand Walk “Inch Worm”
  • Back Lunge with Twist
  • Knee Hug Lunge
  • Forward Lunge Same Elbow to Instep
  • Leg Cradle Stretch
  • Alternating Lunges
  • Lateral (Side) Lunge

Power Exercises

  • Rapid Response Front & Back, Single or Two Legged (Fast, hop on one leg forward and back on each side, then again using both legs simultaneously forward and back)
  • Single Foot Lateral Base (jump side-to-side)
  • Base Hip Rotations (squat & pivot on one leg)
  • Hurdle Hops
  • Lateral Bound Stick & Hold (jump to the side with one leg up, landing in somewhat of a squat position, hold for one count, then jump to the other side in a similar fashion )
  • Split Squat Jump (alternating jump lunge)
  • Chest Pass (with medicine ball to partner or wall)
  • Rotational Overhead Slam (with medicine ball side/up/over/down)

Movement Skills Exercises

  • Wall Drill Static Hold/Marches in Singles & Triples (Similar to a wall “mountain climber” but instead a sharp single movement on each side, focusing heavily on form rather than overall speed of movements between legs)
  • Falling Starts (while leaning forward a partner can hold your chest, then let go, you will fall forward–partner should move out of the way quickly–and run)
  • Static Base Starts (from start position, as if you were getting ready to race, stabilize yourself, then sprint forward)

Whew! Now if that doesn’t break a sweat and get you pumped up for Black Friday, we don’t know what will!? Or wait…maybe this Black Friday training video with Elite Sports Club-Mequon personal trainer Melanie Feuerstein can get you ready with some real shopping-specific exercises! Enjoy!

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