Why One-on-One Personal Training?

Why One-on-One Personal Training?

Boot camps and small group personal training are all the rage these days. They make sense in a lot of ways; it is motivating to be surrounded by other like-minded people, it is cost effective to train this way and it is just plain fun to train in a group setting. You may ask, why should I personal train one-on-one with all these other options?

It really is simple, group training is group training, and personal training is personal training.

Let me explain. When an instructor leads a boot camp, they are typically following some sort of script of planned workouts. These “canned” workouts can be very effective for the masses if the instructor motivates you to work hard, understands how to properly vary workouts, uses exercise progressions and allows for some recovery. If you are lucky, you may also get nutritional advice. For most people, this is a great way to enjoy regular exercise, get in shape and even lose some weight.

For some people it doesn’t work. If you have an orthopedic issue such as a bad back or shoulder, boot camp classes may not be for you. I have had multiple one-on-one clients who have have injured themselves in a boot camp.

If you are extremely out of shape or coming off an injury, therapy or surgery, one-on-one training may be a more sensible choice. The general nutrition plans that usually come with boot camps are just that, general. If it is hard for you to lose weight, a more personal and customized plan may be necessary. An experienced personal trainer who takes the time to get to know you as a unique individual will better understand what motivates you to stick to a well designed personalized plan.

Boot camps can also be intimidating. If you are out of shape or a little shy, these “hard core” boot camps may not be for you. When you train one-on-one at Elite, you are matched with a personal trainer that fits you, your personality, your goals, and your schedule.

Personal training at Elite starts with a comprehensive assessment. This includes a heath history questionnaire, height and weight measurements, a strength evaluation, an aerobic capacity and flexibility test, and an assessment of other health related factors such as blood pressure. This information is used to create a plan of action to meet your individual goals.

Here at Elite we also show you how to take advantage of our excellent group classes which can be a great complement to your personal training plan. Need some extra work on flexibility? Take a yoga class. Want to burn a few more calories to battle the holiday bulge? Add a spinning class to your schedule. Your Elite personal trainer can show you how to maximize the value of your membership and help you meet your personal fitness goals!

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By Paul Alexander, Elite Sports Club-North Shore Personal Training Director