When Should You Consult a Physical Therapist?

When You Should Consult a Physical Therapist

Feeling stiff and achy? A dull pain that turns to a persistent throbbing pain? Will it go away on its own? At what point should you consult with a physical therapist?

It’s time to consult with a physical therapist when health problems, injury or pain make it:

  • Difficult to do everyday tasks such as difficulty getting your arm overhead to wash your hair or put dishes away.
  • Pain keeps you awake at night
  • You experience discomfort in various positions.

This may include concerns over your posture, mobility, balance, strength, flexibility, or endurance.  When you have and injury or if you experience repeated injuries during normal activities of daily living, recreation or sports.

Pain and discomfort aren’t the only reasons to speak with a physical therapist it’s good to do before you begin any exercise program, especially if it’s your first time.

It’s always a good idea to consult with your regular physician before starting any new exercise or weight loss routine as they are more familiar with your medical history.

When you embark on your weight loss journey, the last thing you want is injury derailing your adventure to health before it really begins. We offer free injury assessments where we can give you recommendations on specific exercises and classes that for injury prevention such as rotator cuff conditioning to prepare for tennis or a lower extremity routine to help prevent knee and ankle injury during skiing or running.

Did we mention our SMART Clinic injury assessments are FREE? You can schedule an appointment by calling any Elite Sports Club location or by visiting smart-clinic.com.

By Kurt Alt, PT. and Sandy Moloney, MPT of Elite’s SMART Clinic