What Will Exercise Be Like in 100 Years?

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It’s a fact that time changes things. New theories develop, technologies are created, and before you know it yesterday’s norm has evolved to something completely different today.

Exercise is no exception. If you look back in history of the evolution of exercise equipment you will surely get a good laugh. In this day and age it’s hard to believe what people once thought would be effective. Clearly science and technology have made an impact on the evolution of the fitness industry. That leads to the consideration of what exercise will be like one hundred years from now. Will it evolve to be ruled by technology, or will the tried and true still prevail?

There are so many creative minds in our world. That creativity combined with the ever-changing technology can create endless possibilities. If you’ve ever seen A Day Made of Glass by Corning, you can’t deny that the combination of technology and creativity can be impressive!

Take a look at the video and ponder the idea of how that kind of technology could contribute to fitness. Could we join fitness classes from around the world from the comfort of our own home? Would we wake up to a new routine tailored specifically to what the computer reads from our body when we wake up? Will a personal trainer be waiting by our bedside, virtually, of course, when we arise to motivate us into a killer workout? Will new and improved exercise equipment be innovated to help us reach our goals, or will the simplicity of yoga and isometrics hold tried and true?

It’s impossible to predict where exercise and fitness will be in 100 years, but there’s certainly no reason we can’t dream up ideas that could one day become reality. What do YOU think exercise will be like in 100 years?


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