What “Stop Saying Tomorrow” Means


There are always a million excuses to not go to the gym. Determination is a choice. However, finding the proper mentality to succeed can be challenging. Remind yourself to “Stop Saying Tomorrow” and choose to put in the effort that’s required to reach your goals!

Effort is a Choice

Action is a choice. Putting in effort and staying determined is a conscious decision. Without it, no progress is made. The phrase “Stop Saying Tomorrow” is our way of encouraging you to act now, because if you don’t act, it may never happen. Too often we hear “I’ll get around to it eventually.” The problem with that statement is, what do you define as eventually? Excuses like this keep getting used and then “eventually” turns into “never.” So, be urgent in your decision to take action.

If you’re one to frequently procrastinate, you probably find yourself doing tasks at the last minute. You start with the high priority tasks and, if there’s time, then work on the lower priority ones. For many, health and wellness is viewed as a lower priority because it’s not immediate.

Think of health and wellness like fashion. It’s never finished, and constantly needs to be assessed. You always want to dress appropriately. The same goes for your health. As you get older and your body changes, certain aspects of your health need to be addressed. Act now before it’s too late.

Find What Works for You

Each individual finds motivation in different ways. Finding motivation is often the first step in a plan of action. The question to ask yourself is “why do I want/need to do this?” Understanding the answer to this question will be the underlying reason you push yourself to keep putting in the effort. Repetition of your motivational philosophy will eventually be ingrained in your routine. Before long, it won’t even feel like much of an effort at all.

And yes, a healthy body is a NEED. Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, theorized the priority of innate human needs. At the bottom (meaning the highest priority) was our physiological needs. In other words, taking care of our bodies was of utmost importance.

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