What Makes Apples So Great?

What Makes Apples So Great

Fall is upon us and with it comes all the fun activities and seasonal delights associated with this time of year. One of the reasons that makes fall so wonderful is the abundance of apples! Not only are apples tasty and can be used in a wide variety of meals, snacks, and, dare I say it, desserts, they are also associated with fun activities to get you out and moving. Let’s look at what makes them so great and some delicious apple recipes to get you into the fall spirit.

Benefits of Apples

So why are apples so great? First of all, there are so many varieties of apples with unique flavors, sweetness and crispness to meet everyone’s preferred tastes. Their diversity contributes to their aforementioned versatility, as each apple type creates a distinct blend of flavor in any recipe. Apples also have many nutritional benefits like:

  • Less than 100 calories (medium size apple)
  • Great Snack for quick energy
  • Fat free
  • Sodium free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Contain B and C vitamins for skin health
  • Good source of dietary fiber

Another great benefit about apple consumption is they leave you feeling full. However, one thing thing to be mindful of is that they contain a good amount of sugar, so eat in moderation!

Apple Recipes

Try these recipes that incorporate apples into many types of foods!

Apple Pie

Betty Crocker / via BettyCrocker.com

Apple pie is a fall dessert staple. Try baking with this fantastic recipe for Caramel Apple Pie.

Apple Crisp

Food Network / via FoodNetwork.com

Try this recipe for Baked Apple Crisp!

Baked Apple Chips

Paleo Leap / via PaleoLeap.com

These Baked Apple Chips make for a kid friendly snack.


Apple Brie Pizza

al fresco / via alfrescoallnatural.com

This Apple Brie Pizza is a creative way to incorporate them into a familiar meal.

Apple Picking

Apple picking is a great fall activity for everyone! It’s not just a fun activity to do with your friends and family, but it also has many health benefits. It gets you up, moving, burning calories and best of all, you get to pick your favorite apple!

apple picking

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