What Kids Really Want from Parents, Teachers & School Lunch

What Kids Really Want from Parents, Teachers & School Lunch

Classroom surveys of kids reflect some interesting attitudes on their part about what they really want from those around them—teachers, parents, and school lunch providers. We should empower them to make the right nutritional decisions.

In the group surveyed were 6-12 year old students who felt that nutritional decisions would affect their lives. Here are some of their comments:

  • Kids would enjoy having some say as to what they eat.
  • Kids would like to talk to parents more about meal selections.
  • Kids would like to make some of their own snack choices.
  • On all fronts, with all adults, kids want the eating environment to be a positive one. One that encourages them to eat, learn, and try new foods without pressure.
  • All kids admitted, that the more conversation and knowledge they had, the better choices they could make.

As a side, additional information was derived from kids’ attitudes regarding nutrition. The one resounding thought that came to light was that kids really do want to eat well. They looked forward to their futures and felt that what they ate was a key factor of a happy, healthy life.

Kids today are more proactive than in previous generations. This is apparent on the playground, in the classroom, in the lunchroom, and at home.