What is a "Functional Movement Screen" and How Can It Help You?

Functional Movement Screen

Movement screens are tools personal trainers use to help determine what exercises are appropriate, and what issues you may have with how you move that could be improved through exercise.

For example, we might have you do a squat with a dowel rod held over your head. When you squat down, a number of things could happen…your arms could fall forward, or they could stay inline. Your knees may wobble, or they could be solidly holding you as you move. Your back could round, or it could remain flat. Whatever happens, this can help us determine what exercises are recommended for you, and even what you should NOT be doing.

Certain weaknesses and imbalances can contraindicate an exercise or series of exercises. This gives us trainers a better picture of what would benefit you the most on an individual level. It can also help us prevent injury.

Functional Movement Screening

The Functional Movement Screen program Elite Sports Clubs trainers follow helps us to develop safer and more effective exercise programs for YOU, the member. The screening is simple, straightforward, and can be done at any fitness level. It takes some of the guess work out of evaluation by streamlining and simplifying the process. Best of all, suggested strategies for improvement in strength and functionality are part of the program.

How can you get screened? A functional movement screen is included with the initial fitness assessment we offer to all new members at Elite Sports Clubs. Haven’t had your functional movement screen yet or need a follow up appointment? Talk to any of our personal trainers! (Not a member yet? Schedule a tour!)

Our bodies change, our goals change, the point being getting a regular functional movement screen (and other fitness assessments) with a certified personal trainer can greatly help them help you make progress. The focus is on YOU and YOUR individual needs based on your screening results, in contrast to some out-of-the-box fitness program. So, just like you get your regular physical & health screenings, make sure you are screening your fitness & functional movement too!

By Melissa Abramovich, Elite Sports Club-River Glen Personal Trainer

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