Tips for Navigating Game Day Party Food

Tips for Navigating Game Day Party Food

So often we are invited to a variety of events and parties that involve food. It is truly one of the biggest activities we do as there are so many sports activities to view. For sure, we will expect counters full of food that await us. But, do we have an idea what to eat, or how many calories we have in store for a long afternoon of say, football, baseball, and even basketball too?

Maybe, you are just trying to be careful, to honor all the work you’ve been doing at the gym or you are just working hard to maintain a healthy diet overall. So, although we don’t recommend being too strict with yourself to the point of having no fun, perhaps you can still keep an eye on what game day party food options are better/healthier than others. Check out the handy chart below for the calorie or “point” contents of some popular game day party food options.

Dish Serving Size Calories Points
Smoked Salmon 2-oz. 96 calories 1.5 pts
Cream Cheese 1-Tbsp. 50 calories 0.5 pts
French bread, plain 1-1/2 inch slice 40 calories 0.5 pts
Chili, bowl 1-cup 225 calories 3.0 pts
Saltines, plain salted 6 cracke 45 calories 0.5 pts
Pizza, slice, 14-inch 3.8 oz average; ¼ whole 272 calories 3.5 pts
Cheese bread, slice 2-inch 180 calories 2.5 pts
Lasagna, serving 3-inch by 3-inch 360 calories 5.0 pts
Shrimp, raw 4 large; 1-oz. 30 calories 0.5 pts
Shrimp sauce 1-Tbsp. 45 calories 0.5 pts
Vegetable Tray Fresh, 6-8 pieces 45 calories 0.5 pts
Vegetable Dip Creamy, 2-Tbsp. 50 calories 0.5 pts
Cheese Dip, Hot Queso style, 2-Tbsp. 50 calories 0.5 pts
Meatballs, sweet In sauce, 5-medium 275 calories 3.5 pts
Tortilla Chips 14-chips 150 calories 2.0 pts
Pretzel Twists 22-actual, 1-inch size 110 calories 1.5 pts
Potato Chips 1-oz.; 15-chips 160 calories 2.0 pts
Hot Dog/Bun 1-2 oz. dog 200 calories 2.5 pts
Brat/ Bun 3-oz. dog 325 calories 4.0 pts
Potato Salad 1-cup; American style 275 calories 3.5 pts
Pasta Salad 1-cup; Mayonnaise style 275 calories 3.5 pts
Baked Beans 1-cup; Country style 350 calories 4.5 pts

All of the game day party food options listed above will obviously vary based upon ingredients and how the foods are prepared. Often, it is suggested that you stand back from the table and just do a mental survey of what you would like to have. You can even learn to “eyeball” the amounts that are best for you first, and then proceed from there.

Note: The points system is based on 75 calories per point.

Rita Larsen Registered Dietitian at Elite Sports Clubs

Written by Rita Larsen, RDN, CD; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

Rita is certified in Positive Psychology, University of Penn; has a BS in Dietetics from Kansas State University; and an Internship and Masters at the Indiana University Medical Center.

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