The Ultimate Gym Bag Essentials

Question: You are about to hit the gym, what is the most important thing you grab on your way out?

If your first thought was clothes and shoes, we’ve got news for you… you’ve been working out WRONG. Sure, you may get in a good workout, but you’re forgetting a whole bag full of gym essentials that will take your workout to the next level.

Here is what’s in our gym bag:


Clothes. It might be a bit drafty if you happen to leave these at home.

  • T-shirt – Try something that will wick moisture and is lightweight.
  • Shorts/track or yoga – Make sure they are lightweight and comfortable.
  • Socks – Forgetting them can quickly ruin your workout. In fact, just keep several pairs on hand.
  • Shoes – Comfort, comfort, comfort! And just like your clothing, they should be light and breathable. (Note: Heels are NOT recommended)
  • Sports bra/jock strap – Does this even need to be explained??
  • Workout gloves – These will come in handy (pun intended) for lifting, avoiding calluses and developing grip strength.


Tunes. A good playlist will make the time go faster and your workout more fun! Make a special workout mix for your phone, iPod, mp3 device or walkman – hey, you’re in a a judge-free zone so why not? And don’t forget the headphones!


H2O. Grab a reusable bottle for keeping yourself hydrated. Bonus points if you have one with its own purifier!


Pre/Post-Workout Snacks. Remember, food is fuel. Make sure you have all the fuel you need so you can run that extra mile on the treadmill!


Workout Prep + Clean up. These must-haves will have you ready before and after a workout. Grab a mini travel bag to keep these little items from getting lost in your bag.

  • Deodorant – While sweating at the gym is a good thing… smelling like a high school boys’ locker room is not.
  • All-in-one face wipes –  To clean up all that sweat and oil after you’re done. They are also good for taking off makeup before a workout–no one likes runny mascara!
  • Body wash, shampoo and conditioner – Keeping mini bottles of these handy is an absolute must for your post-workout shower.
  • Hair brush/ comb – Whether putting your hair up before hitting the gym floor or detangling after a shower, a hair brush is your best friend.
  • Hair-ties – Ladies, just do yourself a favor and keep a pack in your bag to put your hair up before working out, or in case one breaks.
  • Makeup – Have a few items in your bag for those post-workout errands. And because you shouldn’t wear it to the gym!

So next time you are on your way to sweat it out, make sure you are GOOD-TO-GO with these products in your bag. Having your bag organized and ready will keep you motivated, eliminate your usual excuses for blowing off the gym, and have you ready to take on the work post-workout!

And just incase you forget something, all Elite locations have: basic cotton shirts/shorts, snacks, headphones and even socks for purchase!


  • A pair of Gripped premium gloves and a jug of protein were the first two things I bought when I got started with weightlifting. I didn’t know a whole lot back then other than I needed to lift heavy weights and eat more protein.

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