The High Cost of NOT Exercising

The High Cost of Not Exercising

I recently read a blog by a woman who was complaining about “How the cost of being Fit Adds Up.” She listed the cost of various events she had signed up for throughout the year as well as clothing, gym membership, weight loss products, etc. She then stated that she would not spend any more money for fitness this year. The blog was posted in October.

I discussed this with one of my 70ish year old clients. He told me that at a holiday party this year a friend he hadn’t seen in a long time commented about how fit he looked. My client told his friend that he works out at his gym with a trainer a couple of times a week. His friend asked him why a guy his age would spend that kind of money. My client asked him how many pills he took a day. Seven was the reply. My client told his friend that he pays less a month in training and his gym membership than the friend does on pills—my client doesn’t take any.

Exercise has made my client be able to continue to do the activities he loves as he ages. We work on strength, flexibility, cardiovascular improvement and balance. He continues to improve in these areas and is currently taking a Pilates class which is part of his membership. I know that he could exercise on his own, but for him the investment and cost has been worth it. He continues to try new classes and loves the sense of community he gets at the club.

As a trainer and an instructor at a gym, I have the privilege of working with all ages and experience of members. In one of the cycle classes I teach, there is an 86 year old woman who has been coming for years. She rides in the front row easily distinguished by her cycling jersey. She goes to 4 classes a week. She may miss occasionally, but I always know why and when. If I have a member who is nervous about trying a class, I tell them to talk to this woman. She has talked many members into trying the class when I can’t convince them. She tells them to do their own thing and then pretty soon they will be part of the class. Just keep moving!

I personally like to do destination runs with my friends and family and will sign up for running events in the community that I want to support. It is a great way to stay motivated with running goals and is something to look forward to. I enjoy our local running group races which cost less than the gimmicky and corporate races, but are still very well managed. I am happy to see how many more people are out enjoying races and committing to exercise.

One can certainly nickel and dime oneself into believing that spending money on fitness isn’t worth it. All one needs to do, however, is to look around your health club and spend some time talking to people who enjoy working out and taking classes. These people are deriving benefits that can not be translated into dollars and cents. Not only are they looking fit and healthy, they are feeling good about themselves, they are making friends, and they are exercising their way into a lifestyle that will allow them to enjoy life for years to come.

It doesn’t have to cost much to exercise, and your investment will be priceless.

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Susie Montross Elite Sports Clubs Personal Trainer

Written by Susie Montross, Certified Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club-Brookfield

Susie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education as well as her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction degree from Portland State University. She also has many other qualifications including: American Council of Exercise (ACE), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), TRX, Power Pilates-Mat I, Spin, & Kettleworx.

Susie has been with Elite Sports Clubs since 2012 and enjoys many activities including running, soccer, basketball, cross country skiing, hiking, weight training, spinning, golf, reading, and attending sporting events. She specializes in TRX, Sculpt, Strength and Core Training, Short and Long distance running, Pilates and Functional Training.

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