The Dos and Don’ts of Tennis

DON’T: Skip Your Warm-Up. Tennis demands a lot from your body – jumping into a tennis match without having warmed-up is like making a snow angel in your swimsuit.

DO: Make sure your pre-match warm-up consists of some light cardio and a few tennis specific warm-up drills.  And don’t forget to stretch after warming up – wouldn’t want to pull those hammys!

Wear the wrong attire to your tennis match. Wearing the wrong type of clothes can restrict movement and the wrong type of shoes can lead to some serious ankle or knee injuries.

DO: Make sure to wear light weight, semi-lose fitting clothing that has moisture wicking technology as well as shoes that provide proper grip and support. Don’t forget the sweatbands! They show people you’re serious and that nothing, not even sweat, will slow you down.
slide_1529_21434_largeDON’T: Engage in trash or smack talk. Save all that energy and focus to concentrate on your performance because talking trash doesn’t make up for a lack of skill, it just shows a negative aspect of your character on and off the court.

Be humble and respectful to your opponent always giving credit where credit is due.

DON’T: Adopt a “Beast Mode-esque” serving stance.
Match your stance to the type of shot you want to take – your stance is the foundation for every shot and volley you take. Appropriate body alignment helps ensure proper weight transfer, a full follow through, and adequate torque/power production.

Skip out on proper hydration. You might not “feel” thirsty but, if you’re sweating, your body is losing precious water. Dehydration affects your ability to think and causes muscle cramping.

DO: Drink plenty of water to keep your performance sharp. The recommended intake is 8 ounces every 15 minutes.


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