The 411 on Plyometrics

The 411 on Plyometrics

We’ve talked all month about aiming high, but how about getting physically higher off the ground? Let’s discuss plyometrics– where short bursts of jumping or climbing help you exert maximum force over brief periods of time and how they can help your overall fitness.

Plyo What?

Getting down to the base meaning of things is always a great start. Plyometrics is based on two latin words “Plyo” and “Metricus,” which translate loosely to “measurable increases.” Their origins have been attributed to European athletes’ strength training regimen during the 1960’s and 70’s – then referred to simply as “jump training.” Due to the inarguable performance and superiority of East European athletes in areas of track and field at the time who trained this way, the technique was adopted by trainers and coaches worldwide specifically for athletes who jump, lift, or throw.

Plyo 101

In short, plyometrics are a training regimen focused on increasing strength and explosiveness. The basic model is structured in three phases: eccentric (rapid muscle lengthening), amortization (short rest), and concentric (explosive movement). As you train, the goal of lasting results is to continue to shorten the time between these cycles to develop stronger strength, speed, and agility.

Safety First

At their most essential level, plyometrics are an intense workout. Before engaging in this regimen, you should consider that these exercises are most beneficial if you’ve built up an adequate routine of cardio, weight training, and stretching, and have confidence in the condition of your knees, ankles, and range of motion.

Jump Around

Ready to get your jump on? Try out a few of these excellent plyometric routines, and remember to always rest between exercises for three minutes before repeating.

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