Tennis Pro Highlight: Jeff & Jordan Aranda

Tennis Pro Highlight - Jeff and Jordan Aranda

Following Wally Bronson’s retirement after 50+ years, Elite Sports Clubs is proud to announce that Jeff and Jordan Aranda will be stepping into the role together as Tennis Co-Directors of Elite Sports Club-River Glen! Jeff and Jordan have both been tennis pros at the club for many years. Here’s a little bit more information on their tennis backgrounds.

Meet Jeff and Jordan Aranda

  1. What position(s) do you currently hold at Elite and any you have held in the past?

We’re both USPTA Tennis Professionals and serving together as Tennis Co-Directors at Elite-River Glen.

  1. How long have you been playing tennis?

Jeff: Since I was 6 years old.

Jordan: I’ve been playing since the age of 6.

  1. What made you want to become a tennis pro?

Jeff: The love for the game and how it relates to life. It is a great feeling to be able to give someone a gift that they will have for a lifetime…… That is good for their health, body, mind and family!

Jordan: I’ve always loved the sport so it was great that I could turn my passion into a career.

  1. What is your favorite part about your job? About tennis in general?

Jeff: Above answer as well. It’s FUN!!

Jordan: I enjoy working in an athletic environment, meeting interesting people, and learning new things every day. Tennis is one of the most complex sports combining a physical battle, with a strategic battle, and a mental/emotional battle. A game for a lifetime!

  1. What activities do you participate in at the club or outside of the club besides tennis?

Jeff: Working out, I’m the lead singer in the band In the Know – a Summerfest band. Love spending time with my family!!

Jordan: Running, biking, golf, and chasing my girls around

Jeff Aranda and family

  1. How would you encourage someone who is considering tennis for the first time?

Jeff: Everyone is afraid to try new things. Just come talk with me and I will get you going.

Jordan: Come on in…the water is fine! This sport is so much fun to play so even if you’re thinking about it, just give it a try!

  1. What advice do you give people who are just starting out in tennis?

Jeff: Be patient! Everyone wants instant success……It is a process. If you stick with it, it can change your life for the better.

Jordan: Create good habits right from the start and you will love this journey!

Are you an experienced tennis player? Have you had a tennis lesson with Jeff or Jordan Aranda? Tell us about your experience, or perhaps your own personal tennis story!

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