Bring a Fresh Start to Your Routine with a Spring Workout Makeover

Bring a Fresh Start to Your Routine with a Spring Workout Makeover

Spring is here, so get ready to shed the winter blues and spring into a new season! Spring is a time of renewal, so it’s the perfect time to revitalize your routine with a spring workout makeover. Here are a few tips to get you moving outdoors so you can make the most of the vibrant season.

Take the road less traveled.

Find a path that is off the beaten trail, so to speak, and walk, jog, run, or skip. Go alone and enjoy the solitude, or head out with the family and make it a family affair. Whether it’s a walking path at a nearby park, a hiking trail at a state park, or even a track at the school or the walking trails through the zoo, you will be getting yourself outdoors to fill all of your senses as you exercise.

Put on a few pounds.

We know what you’re thinking – you want to shed pounds not gain them! But that’s not what we’re talking about. Try adding a little bit more weight to your regular lifting routine. You’ll likely be doing fewer reps but you’ll feel the gains in strength!

Stretch it out.

The best way to prevent injury is to stretch before and after your workouts. Your spring workout makeover just might have you using muscles that you haven’t used much over the winter. This is an especially important time to be mindful of keeping your muscles warmed up and “loose” to eliminate the chance of injury.

Get competitive.

This time of year begins the race madness. Now through fall, you will find a 5K, triathlon, bike ride/race, obstacle run, or fun run for just about any cause. Find a cause that resonates with you, grab a friend or two, and sign up for the event. Not only will the event day put a little extra spring into your routine, but the time you spend prepping yourself for it also act as a fantastic spring workout makeover.

Be a kid again.

Remember how you had endless energy as a kid? That’s because you were always on the go with fun activities. Grab a jump rope or find a hula hoop. Those fun activities seemed like a breeze as a kid, but they just might surprise you at how challenging they will be for you now. Trying to master them again will give you a great cardio workout, too!

Reward your body.

Being dedicated to fitness and sprucing up your routine for a fresh, new season can reap many positive rewards for your mind and body. The physical rewards of feeling and looking great are incredible but don’t forget to pamper your muscles and give them time to rest too. Making time for a massage, or even a long soak in the tub are perfect examples of how to reward your body for all its hard work.

Try something new.

There’s no better way to give your routine a spring workout makeover than to step outside of your fitness comfort zone and try a class, an exercise, or an activity that you’ve never done before.

Prevent burnout and boredom this spring by keeping things fresh!