Ski Prep Workout

Ski Prep Workout

Without a doubt, skiing requires proper training ahead of time to enjoy yourself as well as avoiding injury on the slopes. Whether you are a beginner or a competitive athlete, the following functional ski exercises will be beneficial before your next ski trip.

Prepare for the Ski Season with This Workout

Ski Prep Workout - Coreboard Squat Jump

Core Board Squat Jump (180 degrees)

Stand in front of a coreboard. Jump onto the board turning 180 degrees in the air so you land into a squat facing the back wall. Jump off the board, turning 180 degrees in the air again so that you land facing forward. To modify, start by doing this move on the floor and gradually work your way up to an unstable surface like a thick mat, coreboard or a bosu.

Plyometric moves like this mimics how the legs react while going over rapidly changing terrain and also trains your body how to absorb shock without getting hurt.

Bosu Bent-Over Row With Dumbbells

Stand on bosu with feet shoulder distance apart and knees bent. Bring your hips back and upper body forward to about 45 degrees creating balance on the ball. Keep the chest lifted and begin by hanging both arms forward towards the floor. Row the dumbbells tightly up the side of your body until upper arm is parallel to the floor, squeezing shoulder blades together. Return arms to starting position and repeat.

Ski Prep Workout - Medicine Ball Lunge With Rotation

Medicine Ball Lunge With Rotation

Holding a medicine ball, lunge forward and simultaneously rotate the arms/ trunk to the same side as the lunge leg. Return to the start position and repeat on the other side.

To intensify, walk and lunge alternating legs using the same moves.

TRX Mountain Climbers

A great cardio and core exercise rolled into one. Begin with TRX at mid calf position facing away the anchor point. Your head should be directly under the anchor point as you start in a plank position. With control, drive one knee into hip flexion while limiting movement through the trunk and pelvis. Perform several repetitions at this level, maintaining the solid plank position through the torso and pelvis.

Elliptical Trainer

Choose a cardio training method and warm up for 10 minutes. Then do a two-minute interval at 65 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate, aiming for a level of intensity that is challenging but can be sustained for the length of the interval. Back off the intensity to an easy pace for 2 to 3 minutes, then repeat. Do 5 or 6 intervals at the same pace, followed by a 10-minute cool down.

As you progress, gradually increase the intensity. You can also increase the interval time to up to three minutes.

How often should you exercise to prepare for the ski season?

Do the above routine 2 to 4 times a week starting at least one month before your first trip up the mountain to avoid the “everything hurts!” feeling that is generally associated with the first time back. If you have not been keeping up with your off season training, then you may want to start with just one set of 10-15 reps of each exercise for the first week adding additional sets each week until you are up to the full three sets.

Benefits of ski training:

  1. Improve physical ability, coordination and function for skiing.
  2. Build overall strength, balance, agility, flexibility and endurance.
  3. Improve anaerobic threshold.
  4. Help reduce injury risk.
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Grace Selwitschka Elite Sports Clubs Personal Trainer

Written by Grace Selwitschka, Certified Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club-North Shore

Grace Selwitschka is a certified Personal Trainer and Certified Group Exercise Instructor at Elite Sports Clubs since 2006. She’s a world traveler, health and fitness expert and enthusiast, an aerobic competition finalist, and also is passionate about home interior design. She and her husband, John resided in Frankfurt, Germany and Bern and Zurich, Switzerland where they explored and enjoyed the European alps.

Grace has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Intensive German Language – Frankfurt, Germany, is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Les Mills Certified Instructor, Certified TRX Suspension Training Instructor, Certified GTS Gravity Training Instructor – Efi Sports Medicine, Certified CycleOps Instructor, Certified Johnny G Spinning Instructor, Certified Kickboxing Instructor, Certified Zumba Instructor, and CPR, AED and First Aid – American Red Cross Certified.

Grace Selwitschka specializes in weight loss, functional training, strength and endurance training, and basic nutrition. She is a world class fitness trainer and enthusiast, a world traveler, and is also passionate about home interior design and cooking. Grace believes spending quality time with family is priceless. She believes that “Champions know that there is a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results!” Her career started in 1990 and she’s been with Elite Sports Clubs since 2006.

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