Say Goodbye to Workplace Strain & Injury! Stretch at Your Desk

Say Goodbye to Workplace Strain - Stretch at Your Desk

Stretching isn’t just for workouts. By taking 10 minutes to stretch each workday, you can minimize your chance of job-related strain and injury. And, ten minutes is well worth the expense when you consider the high-dollar health claims that stretching can prevent.

Common Office Workplace Injuries

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Low Back Injuries
  • Shoulder Strain
  • Head & Neck Strain

Pain & Productivity Infographic

Why Should I Stretch?

Many injuries occur over time from repeated movements. These conditions often set in gradually, and may even take years to develop. It may be difficult to see or feel the damage that’s being done right now, but research and experience have shown that people who perform repeated tasks throughout the workday are at high-risk for suffering one of these debilitating injuries.

Get Started Now

More research has shown that performing a few easy stretches before you begin working every day can help prevent these injuries. Don’t put it off another day. How do you know that a long-term injury hasn’t already started to develop? Isn’t that reason enough to start now? And if you already suffer from one of these injuries, routine stretching can help you manage it and keep it from getting worse.

Office Stretches Infographic

Keep It Up

Once you get started, it’s important to make these stretches become part of your job routine. Stretching is more effective when it’s done consistently.

See your personal trainer for a full plan of stretches you can do daily at work.

Get your own personalized plan!


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