Purge These Foods From Your Kitchen for Weight Loss Success

Purge These Foods From Your Kitchen for Weight Loss Success

If any of us were to go into your kitchen tonight we would see many of the things we often count on for meals and snacks. Often they come in bright packaging and colors and are the very things we pick up quickly at the store for convenience and quick access during the week. Yes, we call them “convenience” foods, as they are ready to go on a moment’s notice. Part of the dilemma today in finding good nutrition wherever we go is that this is the common resource; whether it is at work or social events.

These food items are convenient but are also manufactured with many added ingredients to keep their shelf life and taste going for a long time. Little is known about the effects of these ingredients on your stomach and organs, but research has suggested that they may slow your digestive process down. If you consider that the dynamics of weight loss is quite the opposite, you may want to consider getting rid of these for more natural foods.

Start in your cabinets and go through items that look “processed” and just toss them out. Snack items can be first, and prepared box dinners can be next. Next, go to your refrigerator and see what you can do with old or more processed food items; those with food additives such as sauces, gravies, spreads, even ketchup.

The effect that this will have on your program to eat better and more natural foods will be amazing, and you will be ready to eat better for weight loss just by “house cleaning” the kitchen shelves.

A food product we have always had, but with a new use!

If you have not spent any time recently in the bread aisle, I suggest that you do so. There are so many new varieties of breads that you might like. For example, try a mixed-grain bread with barley, millet, quinoa, amaranth, and brown rice. These flavors are new and different and do not provide any more calories than you are currently getting from bread products. They are often gluten free too! (But again, check for added “hidden” ingredients as mentioned above.) New tastes for a new dietary program can be very helpful!

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By Rita Larsen, RDN; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

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