Member Stories: Laura Mark

Member Stories: Laura Mark

We’re extremely proud of our members. Over the years their work out agendas and sporting endeavors serve as healthy examples of how it feels to be “Elite,” and how exercise not only adds years to your life, but life to your years! Today we’d like to highlight another member’s experience:

I’m originally from Milwaukee, and I became a part of Elite Sports Clubs while playing high school tennis at DSHA. After DSHA, I went on to study at Marquette University, where I fell in love with running. I signed up for the Lakefront Marathon in 2012, but while volunteering in Guatemala, I contracted malaria. I went from training for 26.2 miles to training to walk around the block on my own. For the first time, at 20 years old, I understood what an incredible privilege it is to be healthy. Since then, fitness has assumed a new meaning for me. Completing the Lakefront Marathon was an incredibly empowering experience. Now, I train and run with an understanding of those who are unable to do so.

That’s why I applied and was accepted to be a part of Brigham and Women’s Hospital 2015 Boston Marathon team. I’m currently a graduate student studying public health and medicine (PA) at Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. As I delve further into my studies, I become more and more aware of the importance of innovative, compassionate caregivers like those at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Elite Sports Clubs has been a formative part of my journey to this point. It has introduced me to new levels of fitness and empowered me with the confidence to push myself further every day. What started out as a place to practice tennis has become the place where I swim, weight train, practice yoga, spin, try new classes, trained for my first sprint triathlon, and feel my strongest.

My fundraising goal is a lofty $7500, but I’m working my hardest (physically and otherwise) to make it a reality. 100% of what my team and I raise goes directly to the life-saving care at BWH, not to the marathon.

Laura’s Fundraising Page

Share your own “elite” story; whether it be of weight loss, conquering that first race, improving your tennis rating, accomplishing a goal, or some other unique aspect of your life that makes you ELITE! No story is too small, we are proud of ALL of our members! A person of few words? Check us out on Twitter @MyEliteStory too!

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