Member Stories: Dan Schauer – Taking Tennis Abroad

Member Stories - Dan Schauer – Taking Tennis Abroad

Dan Schauer is a member at Elite-West Brookfield who loves to share his passion for tennis with the world, literally. Through a connection Dan made with a foreign exchange student, Dan helps supply kids in the Dominican Republic with tennis equipment so they, too, can enjoy the sport.

Youth Tennis in the Dominican Republic

“In 1997, my family was invited to the Dominican Republic by the family of a foreign exchange student we knew. Jorge was a friend of our boy Antonio, from Venezuela. I did a lot with those kids – skiing, wind surfing, camping, biking, etc. and Jorge’s parents were very appreciative, so invited our family down. While in the DR we met Jorge’s brother, Luis. Well, Luis was a real charmer and we wound up bringing him home with us and he spent the 97-98 school year with us.

Since then, I have been to the DR numerous times and was pleased how Luis had continued with tennis. In fact, he plays so much that he has arranged a youth tennis program in his town. Over the years, I have supplied him with used racquets from local players and they are greatly appreciated. I would love to continue this tradition with Elite and hope that anyone who has any racquets laying around going unused, I will make sure that they find eager hands.”

Spring Cleaning Drive

Throughout the month of May, Elite will be collecting gently used sporting equipment (including racquets, balls, gloves, helmets, skates, hockey sticks, etc.), which will be distributed to COA Family & Youth Centers, the Al Hurvis/ADAMM Education Foundation, and to Dan Schauer to take to youth tennis players in the Dominican Republic. If you’re looking to clean out the garage or basement, feel free to drop your sporting equipment off in any of the marked bins at any Elite Sports Clubs location!

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