Member Stories: 90+ Club – Joyce Rohde

Joyce Rohde

When it comes to living a long life, one can assume that eating healthy and remaining active are the two key ingredients, but after talking to a few of our 90-year-old members, there seems to be a third very important ingredient: having positive relationships. See how Joyce Rohde utilizes the clubs and finds a strong sense of community at Elite Sports Clubs.

90-Year-Old Workaholic

Joyce Rohde may be our eldest employee, but she is also our happiest employee. Joyce started working in the Brookfield playroom in 2000 and has stuck around ever since because of the great women she works with and the sweet, precious children that come in. At age 90, several people have already thrown in the towel and are deep into their retirement. However, Joyce, on the other hand, continues to work because in her opinion, the longer the day, the better it gets. In addition to her Elite employment, Joyce also works at the MAC where she watches children and runs the Women’s Department front desk. Joyce is a valued employee at both establishments. In fact, the MAC nursery is even named after her. In the future, Joyce hopes to continue to work both jobs for another 90 years!

Joyce’s advice for living a long and happy life: “Don’t drink, don’t smoke, and work a lot.”