Is your child the next Wimbledon Champ?

They can be… It’s no secret that today’s top tennis pros have been playing since they were old enough to stand. Athletic development is like learning a foreign language — in order for it to really stick, you have to start young, when the brain is at its spongiest. As a result, children who participate in sports are able to apply all they’ve obtained through athletics to their educational and career goals. In fact, studies have shown that young athletes have higher test scores! And that over 80% of female and male Fortune 500 Execs played sports in their youth!

We’ve put together a list of the benefits to playing tennis – and they just so happen to be the necessities for grooming your future tennis pro or CEO.

 The communication youth regularly encounter before, during and after playing or training for tennis allow them to become familiar interacting with other people and creating friendships. Networking is key to future career success, and to network you need exceptional socialization skills.

Cognitive Development. For success as a tennis player, they need to tap into their mental resources (perception, decision-making, problem solving, memory, creativity, etc.) to learn where and when to move during a match.  This means during their time spent playing tennis, they are also enhancing their cognitive abilities. Enhancing cognitive abilities will help children improve their grades.

Work Ethic and Accountability. Children will learn to be responsible for their development and success by being dedicated to lessons, practicing their skills and making accurate line calls during a match.  This reinforces the value of hard work and accepting responsibility, which will filter into their every day lives.

Competition. Tennis teaches how to compete fairly with opponents. Children learn to win graciously and lose with honor. Learning the value of achievement, and the dedication it takes to obtain a goal. Gloating after a win or making excuses for a loss will not work in life.

Self Esteem.  Healthy feelings of enjoyment, competitiveness and physical challenge are inherent in tennis. Increased self-confidence on the court will increase self-confidence in the classroom, office and more.

Healthy Living. Children who participate in tennis beginning at a young age learn the importance of staying fit, healthy eating and exercise. People who have had healthy habits instilled in them are more likely to maintain these habits as adults.

So where do you go from here? Come on in to one of our Elite Sports Clubs locations or register here. We will get you and your child on track by providing the right tools from the very beginning, keeping focus on the fun, active and lifelong benefits of tennis. We offer programs tailored specifically to your child’s needs and age group.

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