How to Stick to a Workout Plan


Starting an exercise routine is one thing, but keeping at it? Challenging! Stay motivated with the following tips for sticking to a workout plan.

Make exercise a part of your life!

We brush our teeth every day, and wouldn’t miss a nail appointment, but our workout plan doesn’t get the same attention!?!

Exercise can be just as fun as a manicure once you get good at it…and it’s certainly more valuable, right?

Keep it personal.

Don’t reach for a goal that has nothing to do with you. Make goals that mean something to YOU personally. Stay focused on yourself, your own journey, and why you’re doing it.

Running a half marathon might be what “everyone else is doing,” but if you hate to run, a different goal, like a tennis tournament, or other event you enjoy may be more attainable for you.

Be selfish about your exercise time!

Women are very unselfish by nature—if somebody needs us, it’s very hard for us to say no. If you get a focused hour of working out, you’re going to be better able to help everybody else.

Say yes to yourself—make time to take good care of your body and actually enjoy your workout plan. The benefits are immeasurable, both physically and emotionally!

Find a workout partner.

This is especially helpful when you start a new workout plan. Being accountable makes it more likely that you will get to the gym or the club, rather than skip it. Whether it’s a friend, a fitness professional, or even an instructor, having someone in your corner who expects something from you can be of great benefit!

Ease in…

Don’t expect to be able to everything from the get-go. Whether you’re in a class, on a run, or in the gym, a gradual start that builds over time is usually more successful in the long run.

The same applies to workout frequency: Start with a couple of days a week. After you’ve been exercising three to four days a week for a month or so, you’ll be able to add a fifth day—and it won’t be hell!

Don’t get too comfy!

Once you’ve gotten used to the routine, avoid simply going through the motions. Our bodies need a variety of exercise to gain strength and build endurance. Mixing up your routine from time to time keeps your attitude fresh, and forces your body to adapt to the changes. These changes, and a variety of exercise, will help you to see results more quickly.

Set some attainable goals and expectations for yourself, have fun, and get into the best shape of your life!

Get Started! Tell us about your goals!

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