How to Play Well With Others in the Fitness Center

How to Play Well With Others in the Fitness Center

Remember when you were a little kid and your mom took you to the playground? You’d leap from the car and make a beeline for the place every kid loved to play…the sandbox.

But as quickly as those wonderful memories of making sandcastles assembles in your mind, you can’t help but think of that one kid that always ruined your beautiful masterpiece. The kid that wouldn’t share the shovel & pail. The kid that would make a mess and leave without cleaning it up. The kid whose lack of sandbox etiquette made your blood boil.

That kid was the absolute worst. Don’t be that kid when you’re playing in the adult sandbox…ahem, gym.

Here are some of the most offensive breaches of gym etiquette and how to avoid them:

Clean up after yourself.

In the gym, a towel should be your best friend. No one wants to be covered in someone else’s sweat. Better yet, if the gym provides cleaning equipment, use it before moving on to your next station. (Hint: most gyms do!)

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Weights and machines are there for everyone to use. Please don’t hog all of them—especially all at once! Let others slip in during your circuit. Treadmills and other cardio machines tend to fill up quickly, so try to limit time to 20-30 minutes.

When you’re done with it, put it away.

Done with the weights? Put them away. Finished with the exercise ball? Put it away. See a pattern? By putting items you’re done with away, you are preventing tripping hazards and making it easy for other members to find equipment they want to use.

Don’t ogle.

Going to a gym is very intimidating for some people, especially if they feel like they are being gawked at. You may be trying to figure out what the shirt the guy on the other side of the gym says… but please don’t stare. Everyone deserves to have a good workout in a judgement-free zone.

Not sure how to use it… ask!

You finally mustered the courage to try the machine that’s been taunting you—that’s great! One problem…you have no clue how to work it. Don’t worry! The fitness staff are here—and happy—to help!

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