How to Make your own Salad with Mesclun—An Organic Herb Salad Mix

How to Make your own Salad with Mesclun - An Organic Herb Salad Mix

“Mixing and matching” is really inherent in our current ability to make our own salads. And the French are very famous for putting the practice in place; that is, assembling assortments of young, complimentary salad greens into what they have called a “musclun.” This leafy harmonization has now struck a chord with American salad makers.

One of the most successful mescluns is an organic herbal salad mix which is now available at many of the area grocery stores featuring fresh organic greens already mixed for us. In Europe, this celebration of greens has been available for sale for over a decade. It combines baby lettuce, creamy baby romaine, nutty arugula, bitter radicchio, piquant mizuna, and mineral-tasting spinach, all organically grown. To this leafy ensemble is added an organic herb trio: flat leaf Italian parsley, cilantro, and dill. The aromatic medley gives the mix a flavorful and quite different taste right out of the bag. You can also liven it up with dried cherries and Blue Cheese.

If your grocery does not have this put together is just this way, I suggest that you do so yourself. Or better yet, get the herb seedlings at your favorite garden store and grow your own for summer salads. Try this mixture and you will also be able to enjoy the very fine mix of fresh herbs and herbal nutrients that are found in fresh foods today. The best nutrients are vitamin A and C; B complex vitamins; iron, folate, calcium, and potassium. Bon Apetite’!

Chicken Herb Sandwhiches

Suggestion from a Club Member: The Best Lunch Sandwich Ever!

Ms. Mary Ann M. of Elite Sports Club-River Glen recently shared with me her very successful sandwich she makes for her three children each day. She, however, has these sandwiches available in the fridge already made up and packaged “to go!” How does she do it?!

First she buys the very best and freshest sliced chicken or turkey from the deli each Friday. Her favorite is a new taste, Chipotle Spice. Over the weekend, she puts together the sandwiches with fairly heavy whole grain bread. On one side of the bread she puts low fat cream cheese, and sprinkles her favorite prepared, herbal spice mix over it. You can also place regular fresh herbs on the sandwich from your garden. She reports that she then wraps the sandwiches in plastic bags and has ready for the children when they come home. Now, even her children’s friends come for these delicious and already prepared sandwiches after school. They are the favorites amongst the friends!

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Rita Larsen Registered Dietitian at Elite Sports Clubs

Written by Rita Larsen, RDN, CD; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

Rita is certified in Positive Psychology, University of Penn; has a BS in Dietetics from Kansas State University; and an Internship and Masters at the Indiana University Medical Center.

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