How To Get Your Family To Eat Better And Exercise

So you’re looking to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Good for you! That’s amazing!

But now you want your family members to join you on the crusade to a healthy lifestyle. However they don’t seem totally on board.

Here are some ways to whip the rest of your family into shape, even if they don’t share your enthusiasm.

Encourage Them

You’ll want to make sure you take a positive approach to your family’s fitness. Don’t just go and throw out all the chips and soda in the house—it will be a zoo if you do. There will be a mutiny! First try and encourage them to make one healthy snack choice a day. Swap the chips for an apple. Or the soda for a glass of water.

Just do this move and chant "you got this"

Just do this move and chant “you got this”

Trick Them Into Eating Healthy

Everyone loves food. And people REALLY love food that tastes good. Start collecting recipes that are not only delicious but also nutritious (see what I did there). Try and start a weekly night at your house where you make something fun for dinner, and make sure it’s a healthy option. That way the family just thinks that they are having a good time with a brand new meal.

Once you have a group of recipes that are crowd pleasers, you can start to implement them more often. Then ta-da! Everyone is eating a little healthier. Great job!

way to sneakily get your family healthy

Make Fitness Fun

Go out and play a game with the kids. Exercise doesn’t just have to be standard running and push ups. Go play tag in the yard, or catch, or make a little obstacle course. Here’s a whole list of outdoor games you can try.

If it gets cold outside, you can always go to a club like Elite and play basketball or tennis. There are also group fitness classes you can do as a family.

We all know this is what it's like taking our kids to the park

We all know this is what it’s like taking our kids to the park

Whatever you do, keep at it! This whole healthy thing is a lifestyle change, and takes time. But before you know it, you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear when your kids (or spouse) suddenly start choosing the veggie platter at parties, or asking to go to the gym.

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