Bringing Guests to the Club

Elite members are welcome to bring non-member guests to the club for a nominal fee. With the exception of member-exclusive events, we encourage you to bring guests to the club so they can get a taste of the “Elite Life.” Here is the Elite Sports Clubs guest policy and examples of opportunities where you could bring a guest.

Elite Sports Clubs Guest Policy

Our official guest policy is as follows:

We love when you share our clubs with your family and friends! Guests are welcome when they are accompanied by a member and must check in with the front desk to complete a guest waiver each time they visit. Each guest may accompany you to Elite up to 4 times per calendar year. A guest fee will be billed to your account unless otherwise requested. You may bring as many as 4 guests in at a time (2 if they are under age 18). Please ask for assistance from the General Manager of each club if you are interested in bringing a larger group of non-members into the club.

• Member Referral Program – If your guest really enjoys the club and would like to come regularly, you may refer them to join. Not only can you provide them with a special discount, but also be rewarded yourself with a credit on your account. To find out more, go to:

Open Events

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year for you to bring a guest to our seasonal events and programs. Some are even organized with the intention that our members bring additional guests! For a list of season programming, pick up a copy of the latest Elite Life magazine. Contact the program organizer for questions on whether an event/program is open or closed, unless it’s noted in the description.

Free Family Guest Days

Free Family Guest Days occur every year starting on Thanksgiving and go through the following weekend. Because Thanksgiving is the most popular travel time of the year, we allow members to bring any non-member family members into the club with NO GUEST FEES for the whole weekend! It’s a great way to spend time as a family and Elite has activities for all ages.

Guest Pass Giveaways

Occasionally, our monthly promotions include free guest pass giveaways. This might be as simply stopping by membership services to ask for them. Other times, we may ask you to contribute items for a donation drive and in exchange, we’ll give you a guest pass or two. For future opportunities, follow us on Facebook or pay close attention to our monthly newsletters.

Space Rental & Birthday Parties

If you’re hosting a large event, family reunion, or birthday party, any of our fine facilities have space that will accommodate a large number of guests. The Quad at River Glen, for example, is a great space for a birthday party for your child and all their friends to run around, play sports, and have tons of fun.


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