Go From Dream to Reality with These 3 Tricks

We all have dreams. We dream about that beach bod, we dream about losing a few pounds, we dream about a promotion or new car or new puppy, we all have things we want.

The hard part isn’t dreaming this stuff up, it’s making that stuff our reality. Sometimes it can be difficult to take on our dreams when we don’t know where to start or have trouble sticking to a plan. So, in the event you find yourself trying to stay on track to catch that dream and faltering, here are some tips, tricks, and resources for you to try.

If you’re having issues getting organized…

Keep a journal, diary, or log. When you write down your progress, or lack thereof, you keep yourself accountable. It can help you discover things that motivate you or things that hinder your progress, all while keeping everything organized.

Click here for a great website to design a custom journal. You can create one that fits your needs, whether you need to create a fitness journal, finance log, or a ‘get more social’ diary, you can build one that meets your needs.

If you’re having some trouble getting started…

You want to lose 10 pounds. Now what?

When it comes to getting into a new fitness routine, it can be exceptionally difficult to know where to start. What should you do at the gym? Cardio? Weights? What should you be eating? There are a few ways to get that fitness ball rolling…

You can get yourself a personal trainer. This is someone who is going to make sure you have a good plan for YOU. You’ll know that you’re getting in a proper workout that will help you meet your needs. Sometimes just picking a workout off of Pinterest doesn’t produce the best results. This also means that you have someone pushing you the whole way.

You can join a fitness class. Having a group of people around you to motivate you, and having a set time and duration and activity helps create routine. Plus, you know Kathy at your spinning class will be sure to ask, ‘where were you last week’ if you decide to ditch. So it’ll make sure you hit the gym.

If you have some haters…

Sometime’s the thing that gets in the way of accomplishing something is a person.

Don’t listen. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and will help you get there in any way that they can. If the person is someone you can’t get rid of, then just tune them out. Use that as a little bit of motivation, they don’t think you can? Prove them wrong. You got this. You can do it!

If you want an experience that can combine all of these things, check out Elite’s 6-Week Team Weight Loss Challenge. Get a team together of your good friends and compete in this super fun and motivating weight loss competition. You’ll have access to trainers, all five facilities, all the fitness classes, and tools to track your progress. You and your teammates don’t even need to be members to participate because the challenge comes with a free 6-week membership. Plus if you win, your team gets to split $1,500. Say what?!? $1,500!

So whatever your goals are, get moving towards making those dreams come true. You just need to be brave, bite the bullet, and get started. And no matter what may come up in your way, persevere.

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