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When you become a member of the Elite family, we want you to succeed in your quest for health and fitness. At Elite, we believe the journey to a healthier you is a multi-faceted experience. That’s why we offer four different opportunities to help you achieve your goals. We don’t believe in saying “hey, here’s all our cool gym stuff, have at it and good luck!” That approach sets the stage for a poor fitness experience. We want to get you started on the right track from the start. How do we do this? Simple, a FREE health and fitness consultation for all new Elite members! Here’s what that entails.

Individual Assessment 

This assessment is what your personal trainer uses to determine your current level of fitness and discuss your personal goals with you.

  • Sub Maximal Exercise Test: this is done to determine your current level of cardio fitness (Sounds more intense than it really is)
  • Body Composition Analysis: your trainer will take measurements, do some fancy mathematical calculations and…  (measurements and % body fat)
  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation: this is so your trainer is aware of any and all injuries, surgeries, bone / joint problems, strains, and sprains that you’ve had in the past and/or currently have.
  • Dynamic Strength, Endurance and Flexibility: this provides your trainer a baseline for your level of fitness in each of these areas. (So no one makes you bench 600 lbs, run 20 miles or do the splits across two chairs…unless you’re ready for it that is)


After all that technical stuff, your trainer will orient you to our cardio and strength training equipment going over how to work all the machines and safety.

Program Design

Finally, you’re ready for your very own fitness program! Your personal trainer hand crafts your fitness program using the results of your individual assessment and fitness goals. The result – the perfect workout for you and you alone!

Personal Training

By this point in time, you and your personal trainer have gone through a lot together. You’re no longer the overwhelmed doe-eyed person you were when you first signed up. Now you know that the term “set” doesn’t just apply to dishes and furniture, that a circuit isn’t just something that makes computers run – no, you know what’s up now, you’re ready to get your fitness on!

But you realize, you’ve grown rather fond of your personal trainer, the two of you went through a lot together, you’ve not ready to run off on your own yet – panic! Fret not friend, you can continue your fitness experience adventure with your personal trainer.

You can get started with you free fitness consultation by signing up below.

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