Getting Started on a Fitness Journey

Getting Started on a Fitness Journey

So, you’re ready to get started in a fitness journey? But what’s the first step? Here’s some advice on how to set goals and find success on this new path you’re taking with your health!

Set two types of goals.

The very first thing you need to do on any fitness journey is set some goals for yourself. And I recommend that you set two different types of goals.

The first one is a long term goal, and it can stretch out anywhere from 6 months to a year. It’s definitely going to be a “numbers game” so you’re going to want to set some sort of number for yourself so that you can actually measure your progress. This goal could be losing a certain number of pounds. It could be dropping a clothing size. Or it could be about getting stronger, benchpressing , squatting, or deadlifting more weight. Regardless, it needs to be something you can track.

The second type of goal in your fitness journey is going to be short term. These are smaller goals that you’re going to fit right in there with your long term plan. And those short term goals are going to help you do a couple of different things. They’re going to help you track your progress along the way, like if your fitness and nutrition plan is actually working for you. It will then also give you an opportunity to change up your plan if it’s not working. You will also be able to readjust your plan if you’re hitting a plateau.

Make it a lifestyle.

What’s happening here is that you’re going to want to really make a lifestyle change. Bottom line is you’re creating new habits that you’re going to stick with forever. It’s not a temporary quick fix.

A quick fix is never going to stick.

These are lifestyle choices that you will maintain for the rest of your life and they WILL become second nature for you. The more you do it, the more consistent you are about it, the easier it’s going to become. So you’re just going to have to stick with it, keep going, and keep moving ahead.

The only person standing in the way of you reaching your goals is YOURSELF.

So, don’t do yourself in. Make sure that every decision you make, every day, is getting you a step closer to the ultimate end result.

Make the time.

Now, I know we all have busy lives. We have full time jobs, we have families, we have commitments and obligations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the time to fit exercise and eating well into your lifestyle.

You just have to plan ahead. You have to be willing to look at your week ahead and figure out where you can fit in workouts. Where can you set yourself up for success when it comes to your meals and nutrition so that it becomes a “no-brainer”?

Get to a point where you have it all set and ready to go, reducing the chances you have of making poor choices.

Elite Sports Clubs has a lot of really experienced personal trainers on staff that can help you reach these goals. So, set your goal, commit to it, write it down, and make every decision every day to get you closer and one step further to reaching your ultimate fitness journey goal.

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Amy Hall Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Director at Elite Sports Club - North Shore

Written by Amy Hall, CPT; Elite Sports Clubs – North Shore Group Exercise Director, Racquetball Director, and Personal Trainer

Amy is a AAFA Certified Personal Trainer, and is also an American Red Cross Certified CPR and First Aid Instructor, and Les Mills Certified Instructor. She specializes in sculpting, core strengthening, weight loss and diet coaching. Amy enjoys exercising, reading, and spending time with her children. She believes that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, a conscientious decision to take care of yourself and be the best you can be everyday.

Amy began teaching group fitness in 1991, and has been part of the Elite team since 2005. She understands that every individual has unique fitness goals and believes that every day holds a new opportunity to become stronger inside and out. Amy applies a constant variety of training techniques to create both muscular and mental challenge to give you continuous results and improvement. She has demonstrated tremendous energy, motivation and perseverance while obtaining her professional training, which has improved the overall health of her clients and Elite’s members.

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