Futsal: What Is It and How Is It Played?


Futsal is a variation of soccer, usually played indoors, that continues to grow in popularity all over the country. Not only is it fun to play, but futsal is a great aerobic workout. Futsal is the latest sport to join the many recreational activities offered by Elite Sports Clubs. Learn all about futsal and how it varies from traditional soccer.

Non-Stop Action

Outdoor soccer is often criticized for being slow compared to futsal, given the larger pitch size and greater number of players. It’s all a matter of personal preference of course, especially if you are not used to a lot of scoring. This is why it’s not hard to like futsal. When you take a free-flowing game and condense the field of play to a fraction of the size, it is nothing but action and engagement.

Here’s everything you need to know about futsal:

  1. The goals are significantly smaller. In legitimate games, there are goalkeepers. However, that is not the case at Elite. This way of playing creates more scoring opportunities for more action-packed games. In games where there are no goalies, like at this club, there is usually a box in front of the goal that nobody can enter to defend or score from within.
  2. The ball is smaller and heavier, compared to a regular soccer ball, which allows for much greater ball control. The ball levels the playing field a bit more and makes it competitive for everyone to enjoy.
  3. Futsal is played on a hard, smooth surface. Although it is very similar to indoor soccer and is often labeled as such, indoor soccer is played on turf. We generally play in the gym on the basketball court at Elite-Brookfield.
  4. There are no more than 5 field players. Depending on how many show up at Elite, we will either do 5v5 or play King of the Court if there are an abundance of bodies. With King of the Court, you have 3 minutes to score and retain your crown or you are subject to an intense battle of Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  5. In the official sport, shin guards are required. Here at Elite, we live dangerously and believe shin guards are for the weak-minded. Just kidding. Most players don’t wear shin guards but it’s not at all discouraged. You definitely can/should wear them to prevent injury.

Other important notes:

  • It’s FREE – every Friday at 7:30 – 9:00 pm at Elite-Brookfield.
  • It’s a great aerobic workout. We only play the length of the basketball court, but due to the nature of the sport, you are constantly on the move.
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