FREE Family Guest Days!

Got family in town for Thanksgiving? Bring them to the club! Elite Sports Clubs hosts Free Family Guest Days every year from Thanksgiving through the following Sunday. Out-of-town relatives of members can join our community while they’re visiting!

Activities to Do With Your Relatives

If you’re really close and love spending time with one another, or even if you need some space after heated discussions, families and out-of-town relatives can enjoy a wide variety of activities at the clubs. The best thing – everyone can do what suits their interests!

1. The Quad at River Glen

Cousins can run around, go through our Space Maze, play active video games, and so much more in The Quad! There are so many activities for kids and adults to enjoy. This open activity area offers endless possibilities to burn off some energy, and for families to spend time together.

2. Indoor Swimming

While the weather may not be suitable for outdoor swimming, our indoor pools allow you to enjoy the activity year-round! Play pool games, swim laps, dive for rings, or just relax in the hot tub or warm water pool. Our saltwater filtration systems are easy on the skin, too!

3. Run, Lift, Stretch

Hit the fitness center to burn off those Thanksgiving calories! Drop the kids off in the playroom or another area of the club while the adults work out. Adult family members can lift weights, run on the cardio equipment, or stretch out their muscles.

4. Take a Class

If your family members are into fitness like you but can’t continue their regular routine due to them being away from home, find a comparable group exercise class so they don’t fall off the fitness wagon. We offer so many varieties that everyone’s bound to find something they like!

5. Tennis

Want to settle the debate of who’s the best tennis player in the family? Rent a court and find out! Set up a friendly competition/tournament among all your family members or partner up and compete against your friends from the club.

While there’s plenty more we can add to this list, these are just some suggestions to get you started before you ask yourself “How am I supposed to entertain my family while they’re visiting?” Hope to see you and your guests soon!

Comment below on what your favorite family activities are. We’d love to hear from our guests as well!

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  • Lisa Rios says:

    I brought my father in to the North Shore location yesterday, and they charged a guess fee. What’s up with that??

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