Reverse Fitness Rewards for Missing Workouts

Reverse Fitness Rewards for Missing Workouts

It’s been one of those days. You thought about exercising, but let the thought pass and did something else. Then, a few hours later you suddenly feel guilty. Rather than dealing with the guilt, face it head on with reverse fitness rewards. What is a reverse fitness reward, you ask? Think of some of your LEAST favorite things to do, and assign them as “rewards” for skipping a workout or choosing unhealthy eats. We’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started.

Ground Yourself

Remember when you were a kid and your parents grounded you for misbehaving? Well, if you ignored your scheduled session with your running partner, ground yourself. That’s right, take away your television, phone, or music privileges for the next 24 hours. Go clean out your closet or organize the junk drawer. Scrub the floors and windows. You get the idea; the fun stops for the next 24 hours.

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Schedule a visit to the dentist

Not too many people enjoy holding their mouths open for a half hour plus enduring poking, prodding, and drilling…or worse. I mean, it’s always great trying to answer open-ended questions with someone’s hand and a few metal tools in your mouth. So what’s it going to be, skip that pool workout or call the dentist?

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Invite the in-laws for dinner

We won’t deny, some people have excellent relationships with their in-laws. Others, not so much. If you reached for the greasy meat lovers pizza at lunch today rather than choosing the salad, call up the in-laws and promise to impress with delightfully healthy fare.

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Clean up after the pets

Cleaning the cat box or picking up after the dog is my favorite chore… said no one ever. If you skipped out on that group spin class today, grab the scooper and get to picking up that poo. Don’t have any pets? We bet at least one of your neighbors does…

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Host a sleepover with a two-year-old

Kids are great, we love them! But we all know that a certain age poses for some interesting challenges. If you decided to ditch your good fitness intentions today, it’s time to call your sibling, neighbor, etc. and offer to host a sleepover with their toddler that’s in the midst of the “terrible twos.” Who knows, after one night of that fun, you just might decide to hit the gym the next time you have a battle between the halo and the horns.

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What will your reverse fitness rewards be?