The Evolution Of Fitness Technology

The Evolution Of Fitness Technology

Oh how technology has changed.

You don’t have to carry around that clunky tape player or walkman. You also have more options than Tetris or Pong on your gaming system. We even have wifi in cars.

Tech has come such a long way since 1980, and that includes our fitness technology. From jazzercise tapes to P90X, let’s see just how much getting in shape has changed over the years.

80s workout tape set

1980’s Fitness Technology

Remember when you could just pop in a video tape and start your workout? Welcome to the 1980’s!

With fitness stars like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda, it was easy to throw on your spandex and get going.

If jazzercise isn’t for you, the treadmill has your back. The treadmill became a popular fitness tool in gyms all around the country in the 80’s too.

Thigh Master Exercise

1990’s Fitness Technology

So, have you ordered anything off of tv lately? A Bowflex? Nordic trainer? How about a thigh master?

The biggest trend of the 1990’s? In home multi-use trainers. With Chuck Norris at the helm, ordering fitness equipment for your home was all the rage. Why go to the gym when you can bring the gym to you?

Modern wearable fitness technology

2000’s – Present Day Fitness Technology

Either you have a fitbit, track your steps on your phone, or have an online fitness regimen, in today’s day and age, trackable progress is king.

Whether you wear it on your wrist or keep it in your pocket, the age of wearable fitness tracking is here.

Since we nowadays mostly work sedentary jobs, making sure we keep active and healthy is key. Having a device that reminds us to stay on  a healthy pace or grab a quick workout at lunch is essential to staying fit.


However that doesn’t mean that elements of the past can’t be seen today. Jazzercise and home gyms are still wildly popular to this day and fitness guru’s like Jillian Michaels who keep you pumped up and accountable to your goals.

So tell us, what’s your favorite fitness technology?

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