Everybody Sweats: The Science of Sweat & Why It’s Good for You

Everybody Sweats - The Science of Sweat & Why Its Good For You

Oh yes, everyone sweats!

And while it may suck that on a hot day wearing a grey shirt is not going to happen, sweat is actually a very healthy thing for your body.

We have all been there.

We all think it stinks to sweat, but did you know that sweat doesn’t actually smell at all? It’s the bacteria on our skin that react with the sweat that produces that sweet stench.

Sweating is a process our body takes to keep itself cool. Our muscles are always moving, which produces heat. In order to keep our body at that cool 98.6 degrees, our body releases sweat to evaporate on our skin to cool us down.

This is why when you’re just relaxing on the couch watching TV, you might sweat a little bit. Our muscles are constantly moving and working, and our body is always working to keep us alive and healthy.

Work Hard. Sweat Hard.

Work Hard. Sweat Hard.

This is also why when you workout, you might have to bring a squeegee with you to help keep the sweat off your face. Your muscles are working hard, and in order to keep your body safe you sweat to cool yourself down.

If you are someone that sweats a lot, have no fear. There is nothing wrong with you.

One thing you can do to help is get yourself a good antiperspirant. These act to help absorb sweat and keep you nice and dry. Best practice is to buy an anti-perspirant/deodorant combo. This not only keeps you dry, but eliminates the smell of sweat and bacteria combining.

Another best practice is to always make sure you keep your hygiene up. It’s important to keep your underarms and groin clean, because that is where the most bacteria live on your skin, which means those regions tend to cause body odor when you do sweat.

Want to know more about sweat? Check out the video below to see more science AND learn about which animals sweat. The hippo is by far the coolest.

So, ready to start sweating at the gym?!

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