Take the “Work” Out of Workout With Dance Classes

Take the Work Out of Workout with Dance Classes

Has your workout been feeling a bit like a chore lately? Let loose and take the “work” out of workout with dance-inspired classes offered right here at Elite. Dance classes will get your heart rate racing with a full-body cardio workout and motivating music that’ll give you a calorie-burning good time.

Zumba Dance Classes

Elite offers several Zumba dance classes. Try one or try them all. Either way, you’ll be dancing your way into shape without ever feeling like you’re actually working out.


Zumba dance classes will party you right into shape! You will forget that you are exercising and lose yourself in the music. Zumba classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. These dance classes are easy to do, effective, and totally exhilarating!

Zumba Toning

Zumba Toning classes are perfect for those who want to party, but also want to put a little extra emphasis on sculpting and toning. In these classes, you’ll use lightweight, maraca-style toning sticks that will get your upper body muscles working right along with the rest of your dancing body!

STRONG by Zumba

STRONG by Zumba are dance classes that combine high-intensity interval training with the science of Synced Music Motivation. In every class music and moves sync in a way that pushes past your perceived limits, helping you reach your fitness goals faster.

Barre Dance Classes

Ballet-inspired barre dance classes use the ballet barre as a prop for bodyweight isometric moves, holding positions like pliés and squats for a minute or more to work both major and smaller stabilizing muscles. At Elite, two Barre classes are offered: Barre 30 and Barre Box classes.

Barre 30

These 30-minute barre dance classes will introduce you to the principles of barre training, integrating the fat burning format of intervals, shaping technique of isometrics, and elongating principles of dance conditioning.

Barre Box

The Barre Box class combines low impact kickboxing movements with toning and stretching exercises from barre class for an interval workout that burns calories and shapes your entire body!

Ballet & Tap Dance Classes

There is no other dance form that exercises dancers’ muscles like ballet does. It helps develop long, lean and strong muscles, and improves flexibility. The quick pace of tap dance classes helps you work up a sweat and builds strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees, and ankles.

Beginner Ballet & Creative Movement

The Beginner Ballet class Introduces young beginners to the discipline of classical ballet using creative movement exercises, ballet barre, and center work. Dancers will learn elementary positions of dance and footwork skills including plié and tendu, as well as jumps including echappe, chasses and assemble, and across the floor movements including turns.

Adult Ballet Class

Adult Ballet is a great class for adults who have always wanted to take ballet! Start with foot work tendu, releve and strengthening exercises as well as plies and stretching, then learn center ballet combos and across the floor turns.

Tiny Tots Ballet Dance

Young dancers first opportunities to explore dance using song, games and exercises. Dancers will learn much of the beginner ballet techniques with added pre-school age activities and rhythm games including fun props of scarves, wands, and maracas.

Intermediate Ballet & Tap Combo

This combo class incorporates 30-minutes of classical ballet and 30-minutes of tap dance. Students will focus on performance and technique.

Beginning Tap Dance

Beginning Tap introduces young beginners to tap dance by focusing on rhythm, musicality, and timing. Beginners will focus on coordination, sounds, and balance as well as using listening skills to pick up movements. Dancers will start with an energetic warm-up, explore across the floor exercises and learn combinations of steps in the center floor.

Intermediate Tap Dance

Intermediate Tap Dance classes are for dancers Ages 7-10 with some movement experience looking to get better at their tap steps while working on across the floor technique, and center work including ball-change, shuffle hop, pullbacks and fun combos!

Hip Hop & Jazz Dance Classes

Feel the beat with hip hop and jazz dance classes! Hip hop dance strengthens your thighs, glutes, calves and other muscles in your legs and arms, all while you’re moving and grooving to great music. Jazz dance classes will get your heart rate up as shake it up to some of your favorite songs.

Intermediate Hip Hop

Intermediate Hip Hop Class is an upbeat and fun movement class based on studio Hip-Hop and jazz technique. Dancers will listen to their favorite pop tunes and learn and perform their dance in the recital. Jazz combinations and across the floor movements including turns, leaps, and jumps will be learned. A great option for students just being introduced to dance and looking to get their energy out in a controlled and fun way!

Intro to Jazz

Intro to Jazz is the perfect class if you are looking to dance to your favorite songs and get all of your energy out in a fun environment! Dancers of all ages will learn turns, leaps, and jumps, as well as fun choreography.

Mozart’s Gym

Mozart’s Gym is a unique training facility where music students receive world-class instruction from outstanding educators. We offer team classes and private coaching in instruments & voice, theory & composition and recording technology using some of the finest instruments and music equipment available.

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