Class Review: Body Combat

Class Review - Body Combat

The first time I took a Body Combat class, I woke up the next day feeling every muscle in my body. Since then, I have committed to a regular cardio and weightlifting routine, and I’m stronger and more fit than I have ever been. Yet, when I left Body Combat yesterday, I felt like the workout was just as challenging as it was the first time I attended. This class is the real deal. It’s a challenging cardio workout that uses all muscle groups and if you haven’t tried it yet, you need to!

What is Body Combat?

BODYCOMBAT is part of the Les Mills system using high-energy martial arts-inspired workouts that are totally non-contact. No punching bags here. Moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu are used to create a high-intensity cardio workout. The class I attended is a 60 minute class, but Elite also offers a 30 minute express class.

My Experience:

I attended the Body Combat class at Elite in Mequon. I was one of about 15 people and I was pleased to see that men and women were equally represented in this class. If you’re looking for a class that you can ease into, Body Combat isn’t for you. From the moment the high-energy dance music began, we were jumping, lunging twisting…even our stretching and warm-up doubled as a core-strengthening routine.

This class is very routine-based. Meaning there are certain steps and combinations that the instructor will lead you through, but please don’t let this scare you. Theresa, my instructor for this class was excellent and ensured every person felt comfortable with the routine, offering up lower-intensity modifications. You do not stop moving during this class! Even between the HIIT intervals you really don’t get much of a break.

This class was really challenging, but what kept me motivated to do my best and give it my all was the energy in the room! The people in this particular class were amazing. I didn’t feel like I was busting my tail in a room full of strangers, but rather, I felt like part of a group that supported each other through an otherwise very intense workout. We laughed, counted down intervals, and cheered at the end of class.

Who Should Try Body Combat?

This class is a challenging cardio workout. If you are looking to up your game and add another challenging element to your cardio routine, you will most likely love this class. Anyone in reasonably good physical condition will benefit from Body Combat, but if you are new to exercise, I would suggest starting out with the 30 minute class.

What to Wear to Body Combat?

You’ll definitely break a sweat in this class, so any moisture-wicking clothing will work best. Wear clothing and shoes that will be able to tolerate a high-intensity workout.

What to Bring to Body Combat?

Just you and a water bottle. And perhaps your inner-ninja warrior! 😉


Body Combat was exactly the class that I was looking for. It kept me interested, challenged, and the energy was definitely something that you don’t find in every class. I’ve tried a lot of classes at Elite, and I enjoyed this one so much, that I plan to make it part of my weekly routine!

Check your club’s group exercise schedule to find a Body Combat class near you! You may also want to try BodyPump too!

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