How to Be Your Own Hero

How to Be Your Own Hero

“Excelsior.” Excelsior is Latin for, “ever forward” or, “ever higher.”

This is the motto of Stan Lee, creator of many of the comic book characters that light up movie screens all over and are inked into the comic books that seem to be everywhere.

Why does this matter at all? Well, when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle or making a change, we often look to others to get us started. We need a friend to go with us to the gym, a partner to stay up late to finish work with, or a sous chef who will keep you accountable for making healthier meals. But you don’t really need another person. You’re the hero of your story – make the changes yourself.

Being your own hero is good for you. It enforces your self-worth, it doesn’t let the schedule or attitude of another person hinder your progress, and when you’re done the credit goes to YOU. YOU made the changes. YOU got the promotion. YOU lost 10 lbs.

Not to say that having a partner in trying to make a change is a bad thing, it’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s nice to have a partner in crime when you hit up the gym or choose carrots instead of chips. But it is important to make sure that you can do things without the aid of someone else. It’s important to practice self-discipline.

Self-discipline comes in many forms. Maybe you just get up at 6 instead of 6:45 to get in a quick workout. Maybe you save the money from the drive thru to make one really yummy healthy meal at home a week. Get to the office 15 minutes earlier and leave 15 minutes later to add an extra half an hour of work on a project. These are things that you don’t need another person for.

You’re strong, you’re smart, what do you even need a hero for?

Oh wait, you are one.

She needed a hero

Tell us how you have become your own hero!

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